Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Curtis Scharnberg~2014 Teacher Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Inductee

Curtis Scharnberg
B.S., Texas Tech University
M.S., Texas A and M
General Science

This year's inductee into the Mineral Wells High School Teachers' Hall of Fame was the very popular Mr. Curtis Scharnberg. The late Mr. Scharnberg was honored at the annual Mineral Wells High School 50 Year Club Reunion on Saturday morning, June 14, 2014 in a crowded auditorium of Mineral Wells High School alumni, many of whom were his students in past years. Also in the audience was his son, Jody, Class of 1960. 
Marguriete Crum, Secretary of the 50 Year Club, informed the audience of the winner of this year's Teacher of the Year award at the Induction Ceremony of the Class of 1964. Mr. Scharnberg, having received his B. S. at Texas Tech and his M. S. at Texas A and M, was hired to teach science at Mineral Wells High School in 1956. He taught all of the science subjects, but Chemistry was the subject he taught most of the time.
He loved kids and was very involved in all school activities: driving a bus, selling tickets to all sporting events, and driving athletic buses on out-of-town trips. He even coached the high school golf team.
He retired in 1976.
One of his former students had this to say about him, "Mr. Scharnberg was a great teacher. He would help students with problems relating to chemistry so they could understand. I made an 'A' at Texas A and M my freshman year because of Mr. Scharnberg. It was the only A I received that year."
Even though Mr. Curtis Scharnberg passed away in 1977, his legacy lives on as is evident by all of the votes he received for Teacher of the Year, Marguriete Crum stated. She asked his son, Jody Scharnberg, to stand in the audience as she told him that a plaque would be made in honor of his father.
Each year a Teacher's Hall of Fame plaque is made to honor the teacher chosen. They have previously been displayed in the meeting room of the Mineral Wells High School 50 Year Club. A place is now being prepared for them in the club's offices in the restored Home Economics Cottage.
Curtis Scharnberg will join Mrs. June Roden, Mrs. Winnie Fiedler, Coach Pat Simmons, and Miss Laura Wallace in this honored position.
Scharnberg, Curtis, The 1958 Burro, Mineral Wells High School yearbook, yearbook property MWHS 50 Year Club, digital format used.
Copyright 2014: Judith Richards Shubert

Officers for the Year 2014-2015 Mineral Wells High School 50 Year Club


Hank Gayler, Class of 1957

Jerry Ray, Class of 1964
First Vice President

 Terry Brock, Class of 1963
Second Vice President

Linda McDonell, Class of 1959

Lynn Waddy, Class of 1962
Recording Secretary

Marguriete Crum, Class of 1959
Corresponding Secretary

Kay Stone Cox, Class of 1962
Angie Richards Pruett, Class of 1972
Judith Richards Shubert, Class of 1962

215 N. W. 5th Ave.
Mineral Wells, TX 76067

Phones: 940-325-5600
Fax: 940-325-2949



Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Renovation Update ~ June 10, 2014

Renovation Update

While some funds have been raised,
we are still in need of your donation support.

Lillian Peek Home Economics Cottage
Mineral Wells, Texas
The 50 Year Club office (Lillian Peek Cottage bedroom) has been renovated. It will soon be occupied, having new windows, refurbished and painted walls, and new flooring already finished. 
 The remainder of the building will be completed as funds are available. Complete renovation will allow the club to raise funds for operating expense and greatly improve our financial position.
All donations will be greatly appreciated.

The Club's new mailing address is:
215 N. W. 5th Ave.
Mineral Wells, TX 76067
Club Office: 940.325.5600
(Tuesdays and Thursday 10:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M.) or leave a message.
Fax: 940.325.2949
Website: MWHS 50 Year Club

Copyright 2014:Judith Richards Shubert, digital format used.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Photos from Last Year's Induction of the Class of 1963 into the MWHS 50 Year Club

37th MWHS Annual 50 Year Club
Class Reunion

1963 Class Induction

June 2013

David Lee
Class of 1963
Invocation and Benediction
at the
Induction of the Class of 1963

Mike Chamberlain
Class of 1963
Class Response
to the
Induction of the Class of 1963

Digital format sent to Judith Richards Shubert by Terry Brock for use on the blog. Copyright 2013: Terry Brock.

Before and After Photos of the Bathroom in the Lillian Peek Home Economics Building

As the renovation continues on the Lillian Peek Cottage (Home Economics Building) where the Offices of the MWHS 50 Year Club will be located, Jo Ellen and John Murphy have been putting finishing touches on the bathroom which is being brought back to a period look and feel.
As board member, Nancy Martin Buzbee said, "The members have done an outstanding job of restoring the Homemaking building bathroom to its former beauty...thanks to all." 
Bathroom Pre-renovation

New Medicine Cabinet and Chest
with Flamingo Towels

Bathroom Pre-renovation View 2

New Green Heater

Good Picture of Bathroom Ceiling
Without Light

If you are interested in taking a look at all the work that is being done at the Home Economics building, contact one of the officers and they will be happy to take you on a tour. It is a fabulous step back in time!

Executive Board Meeting to be Friday June 13, 2014 ~ Election of Officers

MWHS 50 Year Club
Executive Board Meeting

2:00 P.M.
Friday, June 13, 2014
Mineral Wells High School
3801 Ram Boulevard
Mineral Wells, Texas

Election of Officers
Class Representative: 
Pick  Up Registration Packets

Hank Gayler
Class of 1957


Sunday, June 8, 2014

MWHS 50 Year Club 38th Reunion Scheduled Friday and Saturday, June 13 - 14, 2014

38th Annual Class Reunion
June 13 - 14, 2014
Mineral Wells High School
3801 Ram Boulevard

Friday evening's registration will begin at 5:00 p.m. and end at 7:30 p:m. Light refreshments (not a meal) will be provided by the class of 1963 beginning at 5:00 p.m. in the food court. Saturday morning's fellowship and registration will begin at 8:00 a.m. with coffee, juice and pastries available. Registration will end at 10:30 a.m. so we all can attend the Induction of Class of 1964's program at 10:45 a.m. in the High School Auditorium. Lunch will be served in the food court at 12:00 noon. In order for the handicapped to be served first, you are asked to please adjourn to the food court to set at your respective class table(s) until your class is called to line up for lunch.
The Class of 1965 will be greeters Friday evening and Saturday morning; Class of 1963 is responsible for snacks on Friday and coffee, pastries, etc. on Saturday morning and Class of 1962 is responsible for decorations.
Once again this year, we will be having a SPLIT THE POT BENEFIT DRAWING for our Scholarship Fund. Tickets for this drawing will be $1.00 each or six (6) for $5.00. The drawing will be at 1:00 p.m. Saturday. You must be present to win.
To generate funds for our operating expense account, we are asking you to bring your old cell phones and empty printer ink cartridges for recycling. A box will be available near the greeters' table to put them in.
Mineral Wells has several hotels, motels and RV Parks in the area. If you call them direct and mention MWHS 50 Year Club they may still have special rates ~ these are not available on the internet or 800#.
Remember the Club's new mailing address is: 215 N. W. 5th Ave., Mineral Wells, TX 76067.
We are looking forward to seeing all of you and having a good time at this year's Reunion!