Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Plans and Projects

  • Have finished scanning the 45+ yearbooks that have been donated to the 50 Year Club. Just beginning to convert the image files to PDF and using OCR to create a searchable file of each annual. It is being accomplished by using Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 software that we purchased last month. BUT, slow does not describe it! If a name has been written on in the annual, the software is having difficulty finding it. To correct or “photoshop” the text would be extremely tedious and time consuming, and I have not made the decision to do that.
  • Have plans to have the two oldest yearbooks – 1913 and 1919 – placed in archival safe clear boxes by a professional to prevent further deterioration. All of the yearbooks are presently in a temperature controlled environment.
  • Have contacted a supplier of archival safe book jackets to protect the yearbooks. I have not received their price list as yet. 
  • In the process of scanning the hundreds of newspaper clippings, obituaries, programs, booklets, framed photographs, etc. The originals are being placed in archival safe, acid-free sleeves, albums, or boxes. Printed copies can be used in scrapbooks or other displays. The files of obituaries can also be converted to PDF files that can be searched for names and dates.
  • Local businesses, such as Bennett’s Office Supply, Bennett’s Printing Company, and Wal-Mart have provided us with competitive pricing and supplies.
  • Have received a proposal from a California conservator of fine fabrics for the cleaning and stabilization of fourteen uniforms, jackets, sweaters and other pieces that have been donated by class members or family members. We have promises of several other pieces to be given to the club by members of the 1960 and 1962 classes. I contacted the Texas Historical Commission for a list of Texas-based firms so I might try to find a conservator closer to home. Only two were in close proximity – one in Dallas from whom I have not gotten a response and the other in Oklahoma, who is currently working on a proposal for us.
  • Would like to follow through with the work already started to have a special section for each class or possibly decade of classes.
  • Have plans to prepare special CDs or DVDs and displays for the Athletic department, band and other organizations. I am considering the idea of contacting the MWHS music department to see if there are any recordings of the alma mater, fight songs, etc., that could be edited into some of the CDs or DVDs.
  • A gift of 100+ trophies from the Mineral Wells High School has been given to the 50 Year Club. After they have been examined, they will be cleaned and restored, if possible, and displayed in a special section of the planned Museum.
  • Photographs that will be framed at a later date and will be part of a special memory wall to honor the past class beauties, favorites, sweethearts, kings and queens of MWHS are being prepared by a committee.

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