Monday, November 9, 2009

Scanning Photographs Today

Robert Yeager - Class of 1923

This morning I have been scanning photographs that have been donated to the 50 Year Club and creating TIFF digital files for safekeeping. After scanning the pictures in uncompressed TIFF format, I then open them in PhotoShop, where I can save them as a JPEG digital file for printing or resizing. The original photograph is then placed in a high-density polyethylene bag or envelope which will protect it from damaging effects of handling, dust, pollution and moisture.

The polyethylene bags are free of static cling and don't attract dust, so they are ideal for protecting all kinds of photographs and drawings.  They are translucent and clear enough for easy identification. Because the bags/envelopes are static free, there is less of a chance that entrapped dust particles will scratch the photographs.

Robert Yeager's Handwriting on back of photograph and my notes on yellow pad.

I have found several different sizes of pictures in the memorabilia that has been safely stored by the club. I have scanned 5 x 7s, 8 x 10s, 4 x 6s, and 20 1/2 x 8 photos, black and white, as well as color. After scanning them, I am listing them in an inventory sheet that I created with an Excel spreadsheet. Some of the pictures have identification, but there are many that do not. I will place some of them on this blog in the hopes someone will recognize a classmate. Please leave a comment here on the blog or send an email to me at

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