Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yearbooks, Yearbooks, Yearbooks!

Mineral Wells High School
1962 Annual

We have 42 yearbooks that have been donated to the 50 Year Club by generous classmates or children that would like to see them preserved and not sold in the nearest flea market! How depressing it was when I found MY senior class annual in an antique store – I knew I had crossed over to the older generation in that instant!

Mineral Wells High School
1913 Annual

Jessie said the club would like to have the yearbooks available to visitors of the museum on DVDs or a large screen in the completed building. So my husband and I began scanning the books, being careful to handle them with the utmost care. The club had a large-bed scanner that will allow the opened books to be scanned without putting any strain on the binding. This is a good thing – our oldest annual is the 1913 “Burro” but it is in surprisingly good shape. The Burro from 1919, however, needs a little more care. We plan to have these two books placed in a clear container for preservation and displayed for the visitors to see.

Mineral Wells High School

1919 Annual

Scanning the annuals and getting them into a digital format for display and search capabilities is a large undertaking. After each page is scanned and saved in a JPG graphic file format, they are converted to a searchable PDF file with Adobe Pro. These files will provide a way for you to type in a name and find it in the yearbook. We are having a little trouble with those names that have been marked over with a signature or ink pen in the past – the software won’t read them. This is a work in progress, and we are learning more about it as the days go by.

Now I have to get back to work. I’ll be sharing more of our progress as time goes on.

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