Thursday, January 21, 2010

Report from Bob Shubert - January 9th Meeting

A number of alumni from the classes of 1960 - 1965 met at the old high school on West Hubbard Saturday morning, January 9th. We huddled together and discussed a wide range of topics. It was a good meeting and we are expecting good things to happen. I pointed out to the group some of the capabilities we had available for them if and when they wanted to accept responsibility for some aspect of this effort. The discussion items are listed below. If you would like to know more about any of these efforts just email me or leave a comment on this post below and I will furnish you with more information.

1.  Identify local business groupings for canvassing purposes and setup campaign - use existing 500+ business mailing list.
2.  Create a major donor (big $) canvassing effort.
3.  Setup volunteer recruitment program to obtain volunteers and determine if Mineral Wells is ready for a major project (fund raiser) - answer the question “Is a large project doable?”
4.  Setup community alumni groups out-of-town with a specific mission for the restoration and equipping of the museum.
5.  Accumulate alumni contact lists and annuals, integrate with existing master list, then enhance contact list (1966-2009) because some lists are very limited few out-of-town listings) - if necessary create Wal-Mart canvass.
6.  Photoshop annuals to eliminate handwriting (Nancy Buzbee).
7.  Collect garments and memorabilia and preserve properly - instill confidence that donations will be properly cared for by the 50 Year Club (Kay Cox).
8.  Organize, investigate and preserve wide variety of news.
9.  Enhance, edit and organize DVD’s for showing - maybe add music and new intro’s - remove “clicks” from sound in one DVD - also ID schools, events and people on each DVD - could have “Name the Star” night or “ID your classmates” night, or some other type of program where towns people both pay to watch the video and help you “fill in the blanks”. Could charge a fee but you might do better just asking all in attendance for a contribution (pass the plate).
10. Obtain school history, sport scores, band music and other significant information
11. Trophy disposition and restoration - submit request to the school board and 50 Year Club board for destruction of individual trophies when appropriate.
12. Create plans and designs for one room dedicated to band and one room dedicated to sports - create fund raiser for each room - use id’s from annuals to build fund raising letters.
13. Propose appropriate use of building including individual room use determined by a broad and wide ranging panel - include variety of possibilities for board’s consideration - building floor plans are available.

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