Sunday, January 24, 2010

Scrapbook Committee Plans for the 1960 Reunion

Class of 1923
Kathryne Butler, Most Popular Girl
Sample Scrapbook Page
by Kay Cox

Looking forward to this summer when the class of 1960 is inducted into the Mineral Wells High School Fifty Year Club, a Scrapbook Committee met Saturday, January 23rd to make plans for creating a special scrapbook for that class. Members of the committee are Kay Cox, chairman, Nancy Martin Buzbee, Carol Phillips Stuart, and Skip Cox. Several alumni of the class of 1960 have already responded to our request for photos, football programs, graduation invitations, newspaper clippings, and other items of memorabilia to be used in a special class scrapbook that will be ready for them to enjoy by the time they are brought into the club. The committee made plans to begin scanning the original items and then printing copies for the scrapbook. The originals will be safely stored in acid-free storage containers and archived at the offices of the Fifty Year Club and then housed in the planned museum at 602 West Hubbard.

Our 1960 scrapbook will be the banner scrapbook and will be followed by others. Plans are to have one for each graduating class, not only for the incoming groups, but those who are already members of this great club.

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  1. Congratulations Class of 1960! So happy it is being restored. My mother, Audean Carriker, graduated from there, as did her brothers and sister and I went to Junior High there. It's good to see so many good things happening in Mineral Wells these days.

    Donna Pelkey-Bailey, Class of '64


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