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Nominations For 2010 MWHS Teacher Hall of Fame

Nominee: Winnie Fiedler, American History
  • She was absolutely the best teacher I ever had. She knew her topic. She knew how to teach it. She imparted a desire for learning. She took no prisoners! She was absolutely wonderful, and I endeavored to pattern my teaching career after hers, even though I didn’t teach her subject. Sue Ficke Seibert, MWHS Class of 1961

Nominee: Jewel Primm, English
  • I'd like to nominate Jewel Prim who taught English and Literature. She was an outstanding teacher who provided many students (including myself) with a firm foundation in English grammar and literature. Thanks to her, I received advance standing/placement upon entering The University of Texas and was given credit for Freshman English without having to take two semesters of basics. The skills she taught also helped me in other college courses and later in my business career. As a homeroom teacher, she also offered invaluable council and encouragement to her students and taught us to value good manners, honesty, decorum, and ethics. Bill Ansley, MWHS Class of 1961

Nominee: Laura Wallace, English
  • Miss Wallace was a hard task-master, but she drilled English into her students in a way that lives with us today. She was probably not my favorite teacher during my Senior year, but her words will stay with me as a senior adult. She knew her subject very well and truly wanted her students to appreciate the English language and literature -- even if she had to force-feed it to us. Jan Gambrell, MWHS Class of 1955

Nominee: Pat Simmons, Physics, General Science, Athletics
    • Coach Pat Simmons was my PE coach. When my brother was killed in a car wreck on November 16, 1963 he was very helpful in my overcoming the grief. Carol R. Wright, MWHS Class of 1964
    • I did not have Coach Simmons as a teacher/coach while in school.  He has been such an inspiration to our class for being in attendance to all of our class reunions.  I know he still attends as many MWHS games as he can. He still is an encouragement to me with that great smile he always has for you.  I know he is very ill at this time and this could be such a boost to him.  It will let him know many of his students are there for him and supporting him as he did us. Darlene McCuan Hopkins, MWHS Class of 1964
    • Composure, compassion, morals – he modeled the way to live. He was my athletics coach. T.R. Dean Daniel, MWHS Class of 1964
    • Coach Simmons taught me physics so well that I did not have to take 1st year physics at Texas Tech.  He was thorough, and his intelligence and dedication in the classroom were second to none. I was also lucky enough to play for Coach Simmons my junior and senior year at MWHS.  His coaching skill, his patience, his dedication and his interest in each of his players was as inspiration to everyone that played for him.  In my opinion he is exactly the type of teacher that should be included in our hall of fame. I count myself as a very lucky person, to have known Pat Simmons, to have learned from him both in the classroom and on the court and to consider myself as his friend.  I implore you, as Coach Simmons clings to life to consider him for this honor.  Everyone that Coach Simmons touched in Physics, in PE or as a coach is a better person for having been associated with him. John W. Rupley, MWHS Class of 1965 and a member of the 1965 Sports Hall of Fame Basketball team
    • Coach Simmons has done everything and more to be desrving of this honor. He was my basketball coach and physics teacher and excelled in both areas. He continued to strongly support MWHS even after he went into the private sector. He is so deserving and I think it would mean so much to him. Ken R. Kessler, MWHS Class of 1965
    • I was a student in his Physics class in 1963-64. In the summer of 1963, Coach Simmons took me to a symposium on nuclear physics at the University of Texas sponsored by Texas Power and Light.  I had never been to a college campus like UT before so I was really impressed and a little scared.  I don't remember much about the symposium, but I do remember Coach Simmons kindness and generosity in giving me this opportunity.  I did not appreciate at the time the special effort it took for him to leave home, drive to Austin, and chaperone a teenager for a week.  Thank you Coach Simmons for giving me a great week that opened my eyes to many new possibilities. Steve Tipps, Graduated MWHS 1964
    • Coach Simmons was a major influence in my life both in the classroom and on the basketball court.  His love of knowledge, high standards of personal conduct, and the way he treated all his students and players with fairness and respect were truly inspirational.   He served as a mentor to me before I even understood what that term meant and I have carried lessons leaned from him throughout my life.   He came across as a humble man but all who were around him for very long knew of his inner strength and determination to do his best and have us do the same. Phillip Teague, MWHS Class of 1964
    • I had Coach Simmons for Geometry and Athletics. In both areas, his insistence that I give my best effort led me to successes I would not have otherwise achieved. The math skills I learned helped me achieve higher scores on college and graduate school entrance exams than I otherwise would have. The life skills he helped me with serve me every day. Mike McCall, MWHS Class of 1965
    • Coach Simmons taught me Algebra. Encouraging, patient, an excellent teacher, coach, and as the years have passed, friend. Becky Hendrick Hull, MWHS Class of 1965
    • Coach Simmons was a constant inspiration to all those he coached and who knew him. Benni McCloud Konvicka, MWHS Class of 1965/66
    • Taught me Physics. Coach Simmons is a most deserving nominee! Coach Simmons possessed a unique and compassionate way of motivating both in the classroom and in sports. As a basketball player, he worked me hard, and I loved him for it. Bob Helterbran, MWHS Class of 1965
    • I  want to vote for Coach Pat Simmons. Keith L. Boyd, MWHS Class of 1969
    • He inspired me to be the best in the classroom, on the basketball court, and in life in general. Steve Dean, MWHS Class of 1965
    • As most of the students in MWHS Graduating Class of 1966, I called him Coach Simmons even though I never had him as a coach. Coach Simmons was my Algebra I teacher. Math was never my favorite subject and definitely not my strong suit but he was always one of my favorite teachers. His patience and kindness with my difficulty understanding all those X's and Y's is something I'll always remember. There was never a time when I felt embarrassed or intimidated to ask a question and believe me there were lots of questions. He did his best to teach me the course that year but the self confidence he instilled in me has been a life long lesson. As the years passed by, I would see Coach from time to time, always greeting me with that familiar warm smile and genuine caring way of his. Never failing to ask about me and my family. Pat Simmons is a special person, exceptional teacher, caring friend and so deserves to be honored in the Teacher Hall of Fame. Neda Jo (Lee) Vines, MWHS Class of 1966
    • My name is Jim Vines, graduating class of 1966, MWHS...Mr. Pat Simmons ( Coach ) instructed me in varsity basketball...I lived at Ft. Wolters where my father served as a U.S. Army transportation officer...I was one of six children living in military duplex quarters...I was not fortunate enough to have the finer things that those that grew up in the city had, and often felt the ridicule of being an "outsider"; just a military kid...I was shy and often stayed in the background, afraid to speak for fear of being made fun of...One day prior to a practice, Coach Simmons took me aside and asked if I were alright...Coach had noticed an unusual quietness in my personality...I tried to hide my feelings but those "crockadile tears" made their appearance...Coach asked me to come with him and we preceded toward the girls locker room for privacy...On the trip across the gym floor my thoughts ran wildly with the anticipation of being humiliated for being emotional...Coach and I sat down on a bench and he asked me to take a deep breathe...Unexpectedly he put his arm around me and gave me such an assuring look of "its ok"...we talked about the more important things in life such as education, respect for parents, and finding a place in my heart for the Lord...Coach said I was being challenged to become strong through the adversities I was being faced with, such as not being popular, not having grown up in the town, and not having what others had...Coach asked only that I love and respect my parents and have faith in the Lord's direction for me...before we parted the locker room, Coach said he "very proud of me"...That moment has remained with me until today...I wasn't a starter on the team, however, Coach took the time to instill confidence and pride in me that has guided me to where I am today...To this day whenever I see Coach at different venues around town, Coach stops me and inquires about my life and family, talks a little basketball and brags on his golf game... He does this with everyone...The values he has taught us all, from the classroom to the court, define him as someone very special and deserving of recognition as Teacher of the Year...One doesn't always have to open a book to teach...Coach is not doing very well these days in respect to his health...I know soon he will be with our Lord...I also know there will be a spot on his bench for me when I join him one day..Jim Vines, MWHS Class of 1966
    • I would like to nominate Coach Simmons for MHWS teacher hall of fame. He was a favorite of the Class of 1962, & I believe coached my son, Shawn, also. Prayers for the family. Melody Joy (Tuggle) Carroll, MWHS Class of 1962
    • I’d like to submit my vote for the Mineral Wells Teachers Hall of Fame. I would like to vote for Coach Pat Simmions. Debby Walker Kratky, MWHS Class of 1969
    • Coach Simmons is one of the most loyal, dedicated, hardworking, determined and caring people that I have ever known.  He demanded excellence in his students and players, and was always prepared to go the extra mile to make sure his students achieved that excellence.  He was the epitome of a gentleman...I mean a gentle man.  When I think of a legend like John Wooden, I think of our own legend, in our own time, Pat Simmons. He is every bit the great man that John Wooden was.  He made every function to which he was invited. Reunion, celebration, marriage, birth, funeral ... whenever one of his ex students was involved and wanted him there, he was there. I would consider it an honor to nominate Pat Simmons for Teacher of the Year honors. Skip Cox, MWHS Class of 1960
    • I would like to vote for Coach Pat Simmons. Patricia (Pat) Ann Turner, MWHS Class of 1969
    • I nominate Pat Simmons for Teacher Hall of Fame, MWHS. Pat has influenced  and made a difference in the lives of many people, especially as a couch and teacher.  He deserves this honor more than any person I know. Carol Lee Hopkins, MWHS Class of 1960
    • I would like to vote for Pat Simmons. Susie O'Quin Rice, MWHS Class of 1969
    • Please put Pat Simmons in as my vote for the teacher hall of honor. Bobby Brassell, MWHS Class of 1969
    • My vote is for Coach Pat Simmons. Bill Fortney, MWHS Class of 1968
    • Pat yes for me. Gary Staggs, Class of 1968
    • I wish to nominate Pat Simmions for the MWHS Teachers Hall of Fame. Jerry Hamilton, MWHS Class of 1969
    • Please nominate Coach Simmons. He was a great coach and a wonderful man. I visited him today and he truly deserves this award. Bobby Mann, MWHS Class of 1961
    • I would like to nominate Pat Simmons for MWHS Teacher Hall of Fame because he is just a great person, and a fine coach. Donald Masterson, MWHS Class of 1960
    • It's with a great deal of pleasure for me to nominate a teacher for the Hall of Fame that is truly qualified. He taught, coached and was an excellent role model. He is Pat Simmons and really deserves this honor. Thank You. Dan Pope, MWHS Class of 1960
    • My vote is for Pat Simmons. Clifton Withers, MWHS Class of 1970
    • I would like to put Coach Pat Simmons’ name up for the teachers hall of fame. I do not know of any one that deserves it more. Thank you. James Scott, MWHS Class of 1961
    • I would like to add my nomination for Coach Simmons for this year's Teacher Hall of Fame for the MWHS 50 year Club. He was my General Science teacher during my first year at MWHS.  Mr. Simmons was an excellent role model for me and all his students.  I know how he is well respected by all this associates and peers. He is an outstanding example for anyone - as a father, husband, teacher, coach.  His dedication and commitment has helped everyone who had the pleasure to know him. I realize there may be many other worthy teachers that deserve this award.  However, considering his past record and his current health condition, I know it would mean a great deal for both him and his family to receive the award.I also think 2010 is the right time to recognize this great man. My thoughts and prayers are with Coach Simmons and his family during this time. Thank you. Billy Pendergrass, MWHS Class of 1961
    • I would like to nominate Coach Pat Simmons for the Teacher Hall of Fame for the MWHS 50 year club. I graduated from MWHS in 1960. Coach Simmons was not that much older than our class when he taught at MWHS. He was a wonderful role model for students and displayed a great deal of integrity which helped mold a lot of character in many of his students. I think he would be a wonderful addition to the Teacher Hall of Fame! Margarett (Martin) Renfro, MWHS Class of 1960
    • Please cast my vote for Pat Simmons for Teacher Hall of Honor. Thank you. Kathy Upham, MWHS Class of 1969
    • I was in Pat Simmons’ Homeroom. Caring, positive attitude. A great Christian example. Mary Pratt Greene, MWHS Class of 1964
    • I had Pat Simmons for Science and Football. Pat Simmons was a great role model. A fine Christian man.Tom Greene, MWHS Class of 1964
    • I cast my vote as a graduate of MWHS for Pat Simmons. Thank you. Kristine Gish Russell, MWHS Class of 1969
    • I would like to vote for Pat Simmons. Kathy McQueary Stewart, 1969 MWHS Graduate
    • I'm emailing you my vote for Pat Simmons for Mineral Wells Teacher Hall of Honor. Thanks so much!Sharon Ward Maitlen, MWHS 1969 Graduate
    • I vote for Pat Simmons for the Hall of Fame. Thanks. Missy Kearby Polasek, Class of 1969
    • I would like to submit my former teacher and friend, Pat Simmons, as MWHS TEACHER OF THE YEAR. Coach Simmons was a great teacher and coach and always had everyone's best interest at heart.  Even after he left the school to further his education he has continued to support MWHS through out his lifetime.  He is a very caring person and deserves this award.  I am very proud to call him my friend. Thank you.Nancy Martin Buzbee, MWHS Class of 1962
    • Coach Simmons was not my basketball coach; however, he was a shining example of a person with high integrity and professionalism. He is one of those special people who leads by example. “He walks the walk.” He was always the listener, always the coach, and always a man of honor. Since graduating from MWHS, Coach and Mrs. Simmons have faithfully supported former students, not only from my class, but many classes, by attending reunions and being a part of the class celebration. He is a respected friend. Kay Calhoun Huggins, Class of 1965
    • I want to vote for Pat Simmons for MWHS Teachers Hall of Honor. Tim Rice, MWHS Class of 1967
    • I would like to nominate Coach Pat Simmons for the Teachers Hall of Fame for 2010.  He was an inspiration to the many students he taught or coached during his time at Mineral Wells High School. He is a wonderful person and deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Linda Hemphill Cline, MWHS Class of 1960
    • This is my vote for Pat Simmons for MWHS Teachers Hall of Fame. Paul Petticrew, MWHS Class of 1969
    • We, Randy and myself (Class of 1961) want to nominate Coach Pat Simmons to be named to the Teacher Hall of Fame. I sincerely hope he receives this honor this year while he is still with us and able to know the high esteem to which we held him. So often we do not recognize those that touch our lives positively until after their deaths and then it is too late for them to know how special they were to us. It is not too late for Coach Simmons if the 50 Year Club acts positively on his nomination this coming weekend. Coach Simmons was just beginning his teaching career when we were in high school. He was young, quiet and always the perfect gentleman at school.  Since my mother taught with Coach Simmons I had the opportunity to know him a little differently than most of the other students did. I always looked up to him as a roll model and was very taken by his quiet manner. He went about his tasks without much to-do and I know the young men in our class, that had him as a coach, were always very found of him since he was always fair and treated each student with respect. He was a good teacher and coach and an even better man. I am sure his family would tell you he was an even better husband and father. The last time I had the privilege to work with Coach Simmons was when the Baseball Team of 1958 was named to the Sports Hall of Fame. I helped him find and copy some of the pictures used as well as addresses for some of the players of that team. We had some great conversations and I now treasure them more than ever. It was his desire that the Baseball Teams of 1959 and 1960 also be in the Sports Hall of Fame since their records were also so good. I hope he had perused that desire and that the committee will consider his request. If there is anything else we can do to help with the selection of Coach Pat Simmons for this recognition this year please let me know.Sincerely, Lou and Randy Warren, MWHS Class of 1961
    • I graduated with the Class of 1962 and Pat Simmons was one of my instructors/Baseball coach.  It is my opinion that he should be considered for this honor on multiple levels, he was a great mentor and an excellent role model.  Please include my nomination with all others for this exceptional individual. Kenneth A. Gibbins Jr., Class of 1962
    • Please put in my vote for MWHS Teacher Hall of Fame for Coach Pat Simmons. Roylynn Hayes Moses, Class of 1969
    • I am voting for Pat Simmons. Ben Tibbs, Class of 1969
    • I remember sitting in Pat Simmons’ science class in high school as a freshman. I vividly remember thinking how smart, even keel and positive he was. Later, I played baseball, basketball and football while he was a coach. He had such a great manner and demeanor about him. Always on top of things and willing to put up with the kids. After graduating in 1963 and spending over 35+ years in the U.S. Navy, I had the great honor and distinction of serving with Pat Simmons for two years as a member of the MWHS Hall of Fame Selection Committee. While there are and were a lot of good people on the committee, it was very obvious that Pat Simmons was head and shoulders above all the members. His grace, knowledge, thoughtfulness, conviction and manner was noticeable. Last year he expressed to me that he was considering stepping down and I asked him to reconsider because so many of us depended on him. Pat Simmons is one of the best people I have met in my lifetime. STRONGLY RECOMMEND HIM FOR THE MWHS TEACHER HALL OF FAME/HONOR. J.W. Blue, 1963 MWHS GRAD
    • Ed Kimbro, MWHS Class of 1969 would like to vote for Pat Simmons.
    • Laura Turner Blong, Class of 1966 votes for Pat Simmons. 
    • Mr. Pat Simmons was my math teacher for one semester. He was an encouraging teacher. He was better known as an athletics coach and we all admired him so much for his concern and support for his players. My husband and I lived in Fort Worth for forty years. When we returned to Mineral Wells in 2005 we joined First United Methodist Church. It is there that we really learned to love Pat Simmons. Pat is so very faithful in his love of and service to the Lord. He doesn’t talk about faith – he lives it. He and his wife Sara have made us feel so welcome in that church family. At the very first fellowship dinner at church, Frank and I were already seated. As Pat and Sara were looking for a place to sit, Frank instinctively called out to him, “Coach”. Long past our high school days Pat will always be “Coach”! Lynn Tompkins Waddy, MWHS Class of 1962
    • I played football for two years in high school. Pat was my coach. As my coach I looked up to him as a leader and mentor. He instilled a code of ethics in me that I have used throughout my life. After all these years I still consider Pat to be my coach. I appreciate so much the friendship that he and his wife, Sara, have extended to us upon our return to Mineral Wells. They have made us feel so welcome. Frank M. Waddy, MWHS Class of 1960
    • Please accept my nomination of Pat Simmons to be considered for the MWHS Teacher Hall of Fame. Thank you! John Harbus, MWHS Class of 1965
    • I would like to vote for Coach Pat Simmons for the teachers hall of honor. Sharon Gabriel, MWHS Class of 1969
    • I’m responding by nominating Coach Simmons as Teacher of the Year. I had the honor of being coached by him and remember him as a steady, solid adult role model. I graduated in 1965 and went on to college, grad and dental school. Mr. Simmons can easily be described as having had a  positive influence on thousands and being named as a teacher of the year would be quite fitting. Michael P. Bonner, Class of 1965
    • I would like to vote for Pat Simmons to be added to Teachers Hall of Honor. Thank you for your consideration of my vote. Robert Alvin Richardson, MWHS Class of 1969
    •  My name is Suzie Brassell Bullock, MWHS Class of 1969. I would like to vote for Pat Simmons.
    • I would like to submit my vote for Pat Simmons for MWHS Teachers Hall of Honor. Katherine Smith Boswell, MWHS Class of 1969
    •  There could certainly be no one more deserving than Coach Simmons for 2010 Teacher of the Year. I had Coach Simmons for General Science and Athletics. Coach Simmons always provided the student with an exceptional learning atmosphere both in the classroom and on the field. I certainly consider myself fortunate to have had the inspiration of a teacher, Coach Pat Simmons. William C. “Bill” Eubanks, MWHS Class of 1960
    •  I am casting my vote for Coach Pat Simmons. Thomas Kim Beaty, MWHS Class of 1969
      I would like to nominate Pat Simmons for the teacher hall of fame this year. I will always remember his Physics class; he was always helping me in explaining how something worked. It was always backward to me so he had to explain several times and he always smiled and seemed not to be irritated with me. WE call him Smiley because he always had that smile in his face, of course we called him Mr. Simmons in person. Earl Medlin, MWHS Class of 1960
    •  Pat Simmons is my choice for receiving the Teacher Hall of Honor from MWHS. Jadi Martin Schmidt, MWHS Class of 1969
    •  I would like to nominate Pat Simmons to receive this honor. He was a tremendous role model and had such an influence in so many lives and has always been an honorable man. Vera Shiflet Stilwell, MWHS Class of 1965
    •  Please give serious consideration to selecting Pat Simmons for the Teacher Hall of Fame for the 50 year MWHS Club. Many former students knew him as a coach and he is certainly deserving of the award for that role. I would like to nominate him for his role as a teacher because that was the role through which he influenced me. As a high school student in the ‘60’s it was not particularly popular to like mathematics and without much parental direction, I was following the path of least resistance and taking the minimum number of math classes that a student could take. I entered Pat Simmons’ Algebra II class as a sophomore student. Through his encouragement and gentle ways of teaching I excelled in the class and was rewarded with a jacket at the end of the year that is still hanging in my closet. It is a symbol of the significance of a teacher’s influence on students who do not necessarily receive much encouragement from home. I am sorry to say that the class was still my last high school math class, but I would also like to tell you the “rest of the story”.  I entered college several years later and chose to major in mathematics. This decision was driven by the love of mathematics that Pat Simmons had instilled. The solid foundation that I received in Pat Simmons’ class enabled me to be successful in competing with students who had taken math through calculus in high school. I completed my degree, became a high school math teacher and recently retired from a 32 year career in education. I can only hope that I have also been able to positively influence students as Pat Simmons influenced me. Thank you for your consideration of this nomination. Anne Brassell, MWHS Class of 1967
    •  I would like to support the nomination of Pat Simmons to The Mineral Wells High School Teachers Hall of Fame. I was an athlete who was coached by Pat Simmons and found him not only to be a wonderful coach but also, and more importantly, a quality human being who had a positive influence on whomever his life touched. Douglas R. Sanford, MWHS Class of 1962
    •  I would like to nominate Coach Pat Simmons for the Teacher Hall of Fame. He has been a role model for integrity and high standards since my days at Mineral Wells High School. There are few people who have impacted the lives of so many young people as Coach Pat Simmons. Jack Ingle, Class of 1960
    • I  would like to nominate Coach Simmons into the Hall of Fame. He was a very quiet spoken, diligent, and patient teacher. Also encouraging and determined regardless of who you were, it made no difference. There was no favoritism. I always liked that about him. Even when I finished school he always treated me the same. Clara Marie Jackson-Simmons, MWHS Class of 1965
    • Like to nominate Coach Pat Simmons for Teacher Hall of Fame. He taught and coached me in early 60s during my High School days in MWHS. Dennis Bailey, MWHS Class of 1964
    •  This email will be our nomination of Coach Simmons for this year’s teachers Hall of Fame for the 50 year MWHS club. We have great memories of him during our high school years. Carolyn Pratt Hickey, MWHS Class of 1960 and Anita Beck Brown, MWHS Class of 1960
    •  I had the honor of being coached by Pat Simmons during the 1963-1964 football season. Subsequently, during summer school of 1964, I took both semesters Algebra II under Coach Simmons. For the first time Algebra II started making sense based on Coach Simmons’ approach to teaching. Coach Simmons was not careless or lax in his approach and he expected us to make an effort to learn. His care and concern was evident in his unflagging effort to open our minds while pushing us forward. I came out of that football season of 1963 and that summer of 1964 with a great respect and admiration for Coach Simmons. After graduation I had the great joy and honor of working beside Coach Simmons at Privitt Plastics. Coach Simmons was and is a man of integrity and compassion. You could feel and see this in his approach to us students. He never talked down to us and always tried to find ways to encourage. I think one of the greatest memories I have of this man was that ever so slight grin of his and his consistent, steady personality. There is no volatility in this man. There was always a steady, committed determination to look past our weaknesses and see our potential. What more can you ask of a teacher or a person? I cannot think of any teacher more deserving of such an honor than Coach Simmons. Such was his impact on me that if I were to see him today I could not address him as any other than “Hi Coach”. Not because he was a great coach but because he had such a strong impact on me on and off the athletic field. I was a terrible football player but it didn’t matter to Coach Simmons. I was a weak student but it didn’t matter to Coach Simmons. He looked for our strengths and let us know he appreciated our efforts. Thank you for the opportunity to nominate such a wonderful person. Orval Steven (Steve) Kelley, MWHS Class of 1965
    •  I would like to nominate Coach Pat Simmons for the Teacher Hall of Fame. He was not only a fine coach and teacher but is a great Christian man. Millie Walker Gambrell, MWHS Class of 1960
    • My nomination for teacher of the year is Pat Simmons. He was an inspiration to us all. Donna Wolgamott-Kidwell, MWHS Class of 1960
    • I would like to express my support for Coach Pat Simmon’s induction into the Teacher Hall of Fame. Coach Simmons was one of the teachers I felt genuinely cared about students and wanted the very best they could give of their talents. When he spoke to you as a student, he spoke to you as a person, not a number, and let you know he was concerned about that moment of praise or correction.  Many teachers can point in the direction a student should go, but few are willing to guide. Coach Simmons was one of the few and will be remembered as "special" by all. Rick Mixon, MWHS Class of 1965
    • My brother, Bill Watson, and I would like to nominate Pat Simmons for this year’s Teacher Hall of Fame. Pat was our baseball coach in high school and has been a dear friend for over fifty years. Pat was always a person you could count on, always had a smile on his face and was positive in all aspects of his life. Bob Watson, MWHS Class of 1960 and Bill Watson, MWHS Class of 1958
    • I vote Pat Simmons MWHS for teacher Hall of Honor.  I was is his physics class in the school year 1964-1965. John Springer, MWHS class of 1965\ 
    • Sorry for the delay but I am in Afghanistan and am working long hours and just now had time to send you a note to nominate Mr. Pat Simmons for MWHS Teacher Hall Of Fame. Coach Simmons was my football coach while I was going to Mineral Wells High School. I called him smiley because the only time I saw him smile is when someone made a hard hit on another player. I was not a good player but enjoyed his coaching style. Thanks, R.B. (Pete) Dill, Jr., MWHS Class of 1962
    • I'd like to vote or nominate Coach Pat Simmons for the Teacher Hall of Fame Award. Thank you. Patsy Crafton Alexander, Class of 1963
    • I hope coach Pat Simmons is placed in the teacher hall of fame. I have a friend who says that he doesn't remember anything taught him in high school. I am thankful for all my teachers and coaches that I had at Mineral Wells High School. I was in one of Coach Simmons first classes and part of his first football team - not a better man, teacher and coach could anyone ever ask for. I remember one of his science lessons where he exploded a can in the classroom...and I went wow!  He ran us "win" sprints after football practice until we barely could get ourselves off the field. We got stranded on a football game trip to Vernon and got home about 4 o'clock in the morning with the admonition: "don't miss any classes tomorrow." Coach Simmons may have been the last Mineral Wells Mountaineer. The Mountaineer basketball team had a different name and different colors (Maroon) than the football team; I say he was the last Mountaineer. Sincerely, Ray Patterson, Class of 1962

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