Monday, June 14, 2010

Pat Simmons Loses Battle with Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease

 Coach Pat Simmons
Mineral Wells High School
1960 "B" Team Football Coach
Picture taken from the 1960 Burro

We hope he knew how much his students loved and revered him. I hope he was able to feel that love in the unprecedented outpouring of nominations for him to be included in the Teacher Hall of Fame and selected as the 2010 Teacher of the Year. Coach passed away this morning, Monday, June 14th after being inducted into the Hall of Fame on Saturday morning, the 12th. It's funny how things work. After a call went out to the alumni and those whom he taught during his days at Mineral Wells High School letting them know of his grave condition, the 50 Year Club secretary told me "the nominations are really coming in!"

I didn't know him as well as so many others and did not have a class under him. But I was there from '59 - '62 and he was an amazing, joyful presence at MWHS. I pray that his wife and family will find peace and God will grant them His grace needed at this time.


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  1. Judy I want to thank you for all the website efforts and great pictures and all. This is so great for all of us. Mostly, I want to thank you for the great part on Pat Simmons! Love him!


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