Monday, April 4, 2011

1962 Class Plan to Greet 1961 Class in June

 From Left: Gene Waddy, Gerri Weldon, Sam Weldon, Lynn Tompkins Waddy
Linda Carol White Moore, Melody Joy Tuggle Carrol, Mary Louise Walker Bowman,
Nancy Martin Buzbee, Dianne Carter, Theresa Glidewell Crosier,
Kay Stone Cox, Judy Richards Shubert, Barbara Nevil,
Linda Gabriel Draper, Delores Bolton Ayers
 We had a fantastic Reunion Planning meeting Saturday, March 27, 2011, with 1962 Classmates at the Country Club. As you know we will be the Greeters for the MWHS 50 Year Club Reunion this summer. Many things were discussed and planned. We are getting our ducks in a row.

Kay Stone Cox has graciously agreed to head up our Class of 1962 Scrapbook committee that will be for 2012. Linda Carol White Moore will be checking on red t-shirts and name tags. Lynn Tompkins Waddy will check on a building for a get-together for our class after Friday evening's registration and maybe a tour thru the Old MWHs (our Jr. High)...more details to follow. Theresa Glidewell Crosier is gathering info about motels/hotels and brochures from the Chamber of Commerce. Kay and Delores Ayres will get decorations for our registration table.

Assigned classmates to registration table for Fri evening and Sat morning. Hope we have enough 1962 Classmates to line the walls to give the Class of 1961 a royal welcome into the 50 Year Club on June 10th - 11th. Mark your calendars!!! 

Other things discussed were concrete angels for our classmates on the loss of a loved one. We have started a fund for this purpose. Also discussed the possibility of starting a scholarship fund for a graduating senior of MWHS....

All in all it was a very productive meeting. Attending: Theresa Glidewell Crosier, Kay and Skip Cox, Carol White Moore, Mary Louise Walker Bowman, Delores Bolton Ayers, Dianne Carter, Melody Joy Tuggle Carroll, Sam and Gerrie Weldon, Bob and Judy Richards Shubert, Linda Gabriel Draper, Lynn Tompkins Waddy, Barbara Nevil, Gene Waddy (on crutches/broken foot), and Nancy Martin Buzbee.
 Nancy Martin Buzbee
1962 Class President

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