Thursday, April 14, 2011

Laura Wallace - 2011 Teacher of the Year

Teacher Hall of Fame
Mineral Wells
2011 Teacher of the Year Named
 Laura Wallace, B. A.
University of Texas
Teacher of English and Latin
Mineral Wells High School
 1958 Burro Staff
Mineral Wells High School

Dear Miss Wallace,

    Many years ago a gardener tenderly planted an orchard of seedlings. With careful nurturing, the seedlings, by spring, developed into small, sturdy plants.

    During three more winters and springs the young trees grew. Some had needed pruning to curb undesirable growing characteristics; others, however, had been provided with careful attention to enable them to survive.

    As her young trees came to full maturity, weathering both winter storms and summer drought, the gardener thought, "These are fine and productive, but I can do even better with the next seedlings entrusted to my care."

    So it was with you, Miss Wallace. Seeking always to inspire the highest personal and scholastic standards in your pupils. You were never satisfied with mediocrity. Throughout your teaching career, you held firmly to the belief in the worth of the individual.

    Although you were certainly a bulwark of both the English and Latin departments, we of the BURRO staff, because of your many years of your untiring devotion, painstaking effort, and unswerving loyalty, feel that you are especially and unforgettably ours.

    So, Miss Wallace, we respectively dedicate the 1958 BURRO to you.
With affection,
    The 1958 Burro Staff

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