Tuesday, May 3, 2011

1962 Opening of Youth Center

This was found in a box of clippings donated to the 50 Year Club by a graduate of the class of 1962.  There was obviously a second page to the reprint of this article, but it was not around. This may answer some questions about where some of us spent so much time after the Jaycee Youth Center was opened.

Click twice on the first image and then on the next image in order to be able to read it.

The second and last piece of the news clipping was found in a box of items donated by one of the 1960 class members during the reunion June 2011. Thank you!!


  1. Hello, Ms. Shubert, & thanks for posting that Index article. My parents, Jim & Modena Hampton, were the Youth Center supervisors mentioned, & it's always pleasant to be reminded of them. (I didn't spend too much time at the place myself - after all, my parents were there!)

    Best, Bob Hampton MWHS '69

  2. Glad you found the post, Bob! I can understand your hesitancy to spend time at the Youth Center with mom and dad supervising. It was a great time in our young lives though. Thanks for leaving your comment and for reading the blog.


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