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Dubart Clark & Sharkey Crane

 Dubart Clark and Sharlmayne "Sharkey" Crane
 Dubart and Sharkey while dating during the late 40s
Sharkey approximately 16 years old and Dubart 18 years old
Sharlmayne "Sharkey" Crane
Mineral Wells High School 1950 Junior Class Photo
1950 Queen's Court with Junior Court Representatives
Princess Sharlmayne Crane & Prince Don Clark
 Carlton Dubart Clark
Mineral Wells High School 1945 Junior Photo
1946 MWHS Swing Band
Kenneth Williams, Norman Hines, Bob Lane, Jimmy Gooch,
Perry Nelson, Raymond, Harbin, Don Waller,
Tom Suite, Wayne White, DUBART CLARK, Bert Dyson,
Jarvis Ford, Don Cruce, and Katherine Greenwood
1945 MWHS Band
Dubart Clark on 2nd Row 3rd from Right
Carlton Dubart Clark and Sharlmayne "Sharkey" Crane graduated from Mineral Wells High School at 602 West Hubbard: Dubart in 1946 and Sharkey in 1951.

As you can see from the photographs, Sharkey was a beautiful young lady. She was chosen to represent the Junior class as Princess in the Queen's court in 1950, along with Prince Don Clark. Don Clark is the brother of Dubart. There were five siblings: Berneece, Charles, Dubart, Don and Jann Clark.

Dubart was very active in the band. In his Junior and Senior years he is found in the yearbook photos above. He is shown in the "Swing Band" in his Junior year of 1945. His son, Earl, said he believed his dad was in second row, fourth from left. He was a trumpet player.

Dubart's parents were Alvin Troy "A. T." and Leona Clark. A. T. was a barber who had a little shop next to Skeet Walton's.

Sharkey's parents were Earl Everett "E. E." and LaBelle Crane. Dubart named his son, Earl Clark after E. E. Crane.

Earl Clark, son of Dubart and Sharlmayne Clark, Digital format, electronic submission.

1945, 1946, 1950 MWHS Yearbooks, property 50 Year Club, Digital scanned format by Bob Shubert 2010.


  1. Wowwee! Thank you so much. These mean the world to me and some I've never even seen! What a true blessing!

    In the swing band pic I believe Dad is second row, fourth from the left. He was a trumpet player.

    Again, thanks soooooooooo much.

  2. I am so pleased that you are happy with it. Makes what I do rewarding. Thanks very much!


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