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Brothers J.E. & Burl Luten

Mineral Wells High School
Junior 1939

Page from 1939 Burro
J.E. Luten 2nd Row Upper Left

J.E. Luten
Mineral Wells High School
Senior 1940

"J.E. Luten, is non-studious, but what does he care?
Art Club, '39-'40, Public Speaking, '40,
Stamp Club, '38-'39."

1940 MWHS Burro

Page from 1940 Burro
J.E. Luten 3rd Row Bottom Left

J.E. Luten, 1940 Senior
Mineral Wells High School Art Club

1940 MWHS Art Club
J.E. Luten, Senior

J.E. Luten had a daughter, Lee Ann, and 3 sons, Jackie, Bill, and Doug. His wife was named Beth or Elizabeth.
J.E. and Burl Luten were brothers; Burl Luten was a Mid-Term Freshman from Houston School in 1940 when J.E. was a Senior. Burl Luten was the father of Marie and Nancy Luten, both Mineral Wells High School alumna.

1940 Mid-Term Freshmen
Houston, Travis and Barber Schools

 Houston School Mid-Term Freshmen
Burl Luten 1940

 Burl Luten 1941
MWHS Under Classman

 Page from 1941 Burro
MWHS Under Classmen
Burl Luten, 4th Row 2nd from Left

Burl Luten 
Class of 1944
Mineral Wells High School

 Page from 1942 Burro
Sophomore Class
Burl Luten, Class of 1944

 Page from 1943 Burro
Senior Class
Burl Luten, Class of 1944

 "Burl Luten, was active as a drummer in the Band.
He quit school and will soon enter the service."
1943 MWHS Burro
1941 MWHS Pep Squad Band
Possibly Burl Luten Drummer while Under Classman

 1942 MWHS Band
Director Chas. G. Walker
and possibly Burl Luten, Drummer
Back row, standing, tallest and 1st on left with Bass Drum

 1943 MWHS Band
Burl Luten may have already quit school
when this picture was taken

1943 MWHS Band
Majorettes and Officers
Mr. C. G. Walker, Director of the Band

1941 Burro
Day is done, gone the sun, and gone another year,
ready to be entered in the annals.
To you who would bid farewell to Alma Mater,
we say, "Congratulations. You have fought the good fight;
you have run the good race."
To you who would remain, we say, "Keep the faith.
Hold the torch high above your heads, and you, too,
will find victory at the end of another day.
To you we leave a heritage ~ the traditions, the institutions,
and the glories of our school; we leave our place to you,
strive to succeed where we have failed."

Luten, Marie, MWHS Class of 1962, daughter of Burl Luten, email to Judith Richards Shubert, July 2012.

Yearbooks belonging to Mineral Wells High School 50 Year Club, Scanned digital format, Judith Richards Shubert.


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