Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Executive Board Meeting - Wednesday, February 13, 2013

MWHS 50 Year Club
Executive Board Meeting
  10:00 A.M.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

First United Methodist Church
301 N.E. 1st Street
Mineral Wells, Texas

R. E. Mason
Class of 1949

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Scheduled UPCOMING
MWHS 50 Year Club
Executive Board Meeting
Wednesday, January 9, 2013
Will NOT be held.

R. E. Mason
Class of 1949

November 14, 2012
The meeting was called to order by President R.E. Mason. The following officers were present: First Vice President Hank Gayler, Second Vice President Jo Murphy, Secretary Marguriete Crum, Corresponding Secretary Neta Mason, Reporter Louise Blackerby and representatives from the Classes of 1942 thru 1963.

Neta Mason made the motion to accept the minutes of the June 8, 2012 meeting. Georgia Dowdy seconded and motion carried.

Marguriete Crum gave the following financial report.  Jo Murphy made motion to accept financial report and seconded by Raymond Brewton and motion carried.

Renovation                              $  5,576.00
Membership                                4,118.60
Scholarship                                 5,096.67

Total                                        $14,791.28

Hank Gayler reported on the renovation of the old Home Make Building. He reported the foundation is in good shape, a new front door was built and installed. Two new bathrooms were installed only lacking petitions and being tiled. It should cost fifty thousand dollars to finish the old Home make building and the goal is to have it completed by May 2014. When completed it will be the home of the 50 Year Club.

Marguriete Crum gave a report on the Homecoming Queen. Betty Kidwell was Homecoming Queen and was escorted by her son Richard Kidwell.  Marguriete Crum suggested the 50 Year Club continue having a Homecoming Queen and that they be from the earlier classes.

President Mason reported that the Crazy Water Festival used the amphi-theater on Friday night before the festival. They volunteered to give the 50 Year Club $200.00 for the use of electricity.

The Planning and Renovation Committee had a meeting and came up with the following suggestions to raise money for the 50 Year Club.
       1.  Raise membership dues.
       2.  Change from the 50 Year Club to Ex-Student Association for anyone that had graduated from Mineral Wells High School no matter if 50 years or not.

President Mason appointed a financial committee to help raise funds to complete the old Home Make Building. This committee would be: Clarence McDonald, Chairperson, Theresa Crosier, Terry Brock, Lou Warren, Jo Yarbrough and Carolyn Hickey.

Jo Murphy reported Donald Bond has resigned as Class Representative for the Class of 1951.

Margaret Strain made motion to adjourn and seconded by Neta Mason the meeting was adjourned.

Next Meeting January 9, 2013.

____________________           _____________________
R.E. Mason, President                Marguriete Crum, Secretary