Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Donate a Class Plaque and Help with Restoration

Don’t let your class be left out! 

The 50 Year Club is asking each class of Mineral Wells High School to help with an exciting project. As you know, the Lillian Peek Home Economics building is being restored. The original brick walkway leading to the building from 5th Street has sustained a lot of damage over the years and also needs to be restored. Work has already begun on a new walkway. We would like for each class to donate $2,000 to help with this restoration. With your donation you will receive an engraved concrete plaque with your class name. Below is the first plaque donated by the Class of 1949.

Don’t let your class be left out!

Have your class representative contact the 50 Year Club offices today; donate $2,000 and have your class name placed in the walkway for future generations to see.

Restored portion of walkway leading from steps and NW 5th Avenue.

See other photos from the inside of the Home Economics building by clicking on the first slide show in the column on the left. Hank Gayler, vice-president of the club, or R. E. Mason, president, will be happy to arrange a tour of the building, tell you about plans for the restoration, and show you what has already been accomplished.

Remember, don't let your class be left out!

Call 940-325-5600 or email as soon as possible.

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