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Lillian Peek Homemaking Building Finished in 1934

Located on the Grounds of the High School
Picture in the MWHS 1935 Burro

The Peek Homemaking Building, which was opened at Mineral Wells, Texas, in February, 1934, is a decided departure in the field of home economics. Plans for the building were started early in 1933 and the building was completed and occupied early in 1934. It is an up-to-date home-economics cottage and constitutes a department of the local high school.

The building is constructed of native rock, in the semi-Georgian style of architecture. The exterior facing is rubble sandstone, trimmed with rock-faced ashlar. The bearing walls have structural steel lintels and reinforced-concrete belt, concealed at the ceiling plate, and the roof is of wood frame. The ceilings are of celotex; the floors, tile.


The floor area consists of a foods laboratory, with tile floor, plastered walls, and ample cabinet room. It is equipped with six stoves, and an equal number of sinks and tables. There is a large blackboard, an icebox, and kitchen equipment. Adjoining the foods laboratory is a combined dining room and living room, with a large tile fireplace, hardwood floors, dark woodwork, and wrought-iron, rustic, electric wall lamps.

  1934 Home Economics Reception Room

 Another feature is the clothing laboratory, which is equipped with cabinets, sewing machines, tables, closet space, and bulletin board. Next to this is a bedroom, appropriately tinted and furnished, and adjoining it is a well-equipped bathroom.

1939 Clothing Laboratory

 1939 Cooking Class


Some 1934 Homemakers

Heat for the building is supplied by gas radiators, with revolving ventilation to the attic.

The building has a pupil capacity of 350 in five daily periods and the present enrollment is 120 pupils.

The cost of the building was $11,200, which with $2,000 for the equipment, brought the total cost to $13,200. The cost per cubic foot was 24 cents for the building, and 10 cents for the equipment. The per pupil cost was $41.25.

The building was erected under the supervision of Mr. A. Howell, architect, of Palo Pinto, Texas.

from the School Board Journal
October, 1935

The School Board Journal, October 1935
Digital format, by Judith Richards Shubert, 1934, 1935, 1939 MWHS Burros, 50 Year Club Memorabilia files

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