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MWHS Class of 1926 Has Their 50th Reunion and the MWHS 50 Year Club is Formed

Married Classmates - of the Class of 1926 MWHS, talk with teacher Elsie (Cavitt) Baker, a former science teacher (center) at the class reunion at the Holiday Inn. Couple L, Ralph and Etta Mae (Shands) Swanson; Couple R, Eunice (Moon) Woodruff and George Woodruff of Breckenridge.

Mineral Wells Index, Friday, June 18, 1976, Page 5

     "It's always fair weather when good fellows get together" - and gals too as was the case when the graduates of the Class of 1926 of Mineral Wells High School gathered at Holiday Inn for a class reunion (the first class reunion in fifty years).

There was lots of handshaking, puzzled looks and then looks of recognition as many of them saw each other for the first time since graduation fifty years ago. There was a lot of getting acquainted as spouses were also there, and many introductions made.

Name tags were very important as many of the girls had married and maiden names were a part of the name tagging to recall those class mates of fifty years ago.

This was a class of distinction, for this class was the first one to have graduation exercises in the then new Convention Hall. Lewis Moore served as MC during the luncheon and read the graduation program of May 28, 1926 when Helen Caviness, now married to a minister and on a tour of Europe, was salutatorian, and Gladine Bowers Beaver now of El Paso, was valedictorian and she was present for the reunion. Maurine Kuykendall gave the closing prayer. The diplomas were awarded by Judge T. T. Bouldin. Honor guests at the luncheon were Miss S. A. Liles who had taught most if not all the graduates present, at one time or another and Mrs. Esther Cavitt Baker, science teacher from Dallas. Rev. G. Alfred Brown, retired, of Ft. Worth, gave the invocation at the luncheon. (He is the husband of graduate Opal Johnson.) Other luncheon guests were Miss Bob Liles, and  Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hall.

Receiving gifts for traveling the fartherest distance to the reunion were Walter Johnson, from Whittier, Calif. and Frances Avery Hawks, from San Diego, Calif.

After the grads introduced themselves, and told what they had been doing throughout the years, they found many had taught school and later gone into business or were associated in some way in the business field. Most are now retired.

Gladys O'Neall George of Amarillo was the class president in 1926 and when the grads decided to meet oftener than every 50 years, and decided to form a 50 Year Club of grads of MWHS to meet once each year, she was elected, their class president of '26, as president. Other officers are Marie Daniel Faires, secretary-treasurer; Calvin Hazlewood, vice-president; and Ralph Swanson, publicity chairman.

The groundwork of contacting the grads and writing them about the reunion was done by local class members during a period of several months. Of the 65 graduates there were 25 present for the reunion, and of the total number who graduated 17 are deceased.

The 50 Year Club will gain members each year as a graduating class hits the 50 year mark, and next year this will be the class of 1927.

Some extras were there this year that included Nell Brewer Goff and husband, '25, Terrell Davis and wife, Gladys, '27, and a few from the class of '28 who muscled in on the fun.

Pictures of the class were made by A. F. Weaver and also of both the class members and their spouses. Novella Chandler is in charge of the pictures and may be contacted concerning their purchase.

Some brought their 1926 Burros along and added the now names of the grads and their present addresses. Ralph Swanson brought his famous collection of Burros that were on display.

Present were:
"Class of '26" - Charles F. Johnston, Ft. Worth; George and Eunice (Moon) Woodruff, Breckenridge; Nettie (Hemphill) Smith, Jacksboro; Gladine (Bowers) Beaver, El Paso; Ruth (Grimes) Wade, Lamesa; Helen (Sullinger) Humphries, Balmorhea; Walter Johnson, Whittier, Calif.; Opa(Johnson) Brown, Ft. Worth; Maurine (Kuykendall) Morse, Austin; Ruby (House) Vaught, Ft. Worth; Frances (Avery) Hawks, San Diego, Calif.;Gladys (O'Neall) George, Amarillo; Nina (Roberts) Comer, Abilene; Louise (Hamilton) Thweatt, Dallas; Frances (Harrington) Luttrell, Dallas; and Mrs. Esther (Cavitt) Baker, science teacher, Dallas.

Also Bertie (Caldwell) Keathley, Zelma (Smith) Thigpen, Novella Chandler, Lewis Moore, Ralph Swanson and Etta Mae (Shands) Swanson; Carroll Denson, Lorene (Rochelle) Coulson, Marie (Daniel) Faires, Dr. Robert Norwood, all of Mineral Wells.

Others present from other classes were Raymond Boarman, Phoenix, Ariz.; Calvin Hazlewood '27, Ft. Worth; Nell (Brewer) Goff '25, Albany; Terrell Davis '27, Breckenridge; Altie (Roberts) Curry '28, Abilene; Thelma (McBrayer) Doss '28, MW; Jackie (Sheridan) Francis '27, MW; Melba (Smith) Seale '27, MW; Maurine (Daniels) Hobaugh, '27, MW; L. C. Ely '27, MW; Babe and Minne Cheek '27-'28, MW; A. S. Wharton '28, MW; Ruby (Rochelle) Brille '27, PK.

This is the first of a series of 11 news articles about the Mineral Wells High School 50 Year Club annual reunions. The articles were laminated at some point in the past and were scanned by Bob Shubert. The laminated originals are in the memorabilia collection of the 50 Year Club. You will be able to read about the past reunions beginning today and ending just before the annual reunion in June 2013.
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Mineral Wells Index, Friday, June 18, 1976, Page 5, newsclipping in memorabilia collection of 50 Year Club, digital format by Robert Allen Shubert.


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    Thanks a bunch for all the work you do. Great job and so interesting. Glad that the 50 year club is preserving these memories.

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    I am happy to be a small part of preserving some of these Mineral Wells memories!


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