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50 Year Club Members Meet in 1983

Class of 1933 50th Reunion
at Mineral Wells High School

MINERAL WELLS HIGH SCHOOL on West Hubbard as it looked during the days 
when the 50 Year Club members attended school there.

Each year students of Mineral Wells High School can recall memories of high school days when they attend the 50 Year Club meetings held the first Saturday in June each year. This year’s reunion brought students who graduated throughout the 1920s and through 1934 and even dating back to an earlier time of 1916.

For the first time this years get together was held in the present day Mineral Wells High School and proved such a success in having so much room in the hall and cafeteria the club is planning on meeting at the same place next year.

Preliminary plans for such an occasion start early in the spring with Harvey Thomas overall general chairman calling committee groups of the various classes throughout the years and meetings are held to make arrangements for the next 50 year class to be honored. This year it was the Class of 1933 and local committee members Mable Evans Grantham and Mary Jane Brewer Watkins worked with John A. Harrington, 50 Year Club chairman, to get the word out and make contacts with class members by letter.

The result was a total of 130 ex-students and one teacher that attended and other guests came along to see the fun.

Evelyn Walker, Class of 1933 was so anxious to get here he came 1512 miles for the occasion and received the prize for traveling the farthest.

There were only a few of the early high school classes represented but Fleida Brewer Hale, 1916; Flo Howard Lydry, 1920; both of Mineral Wells; Joe Harrington, Fort Worth, and Sam Singleton, Haslett, class of 1923; Christine Barker Donald, Denton, 1924; and Mary Adams, Fort Worth and Nell Brewer Goff, Albany, Class of 1925 were there.

Classes following these grew in number representation with eight from 1926, nine from 1927, seven from 1928, eight from 1929, seven from 1930, ten from 1931, six from 1933 and 29 from the honored 50 year class of 1933. Then there were four from 1934, three from 1935, one from 1936, one from 1938 who came along to see the other classmates of years gone by.

Rufus Thomas, Abilene; Calvin Hazelwood, Ft. Worth; Terrell J. (Barney) Davis, Breckenridge; Lela Frances Harrington Lutrell, Dallas, Lavita Hinson Hull, Jacksboro, Dorval Dunn Burger, Mineral Wells; Melba Smith Seale, Mineral Wells; A.S. Wharton, Mineral Wells; Babe Cheek, Mineral Wells
Muriel Davis Thomas, Abilene; Thelma McBrayer Doss, Mineral Wells; Barnetta McKinney Goodwin, Mineral Wells; Minnie Mae Good Clark, Mineral Wells; Mattie Marie Herrin Woodson, Mineral Wells; Sam Smith, Mineral Wells; Johnowene Crutcher Menger, San Antonio
Ross Watson, Palo Pinto; Josie Lee Thomas, Weatherford; Oliver Himes, Granbury; Dorothy Yarbrough Luke, Arlington; Clara Belle Lyles Walls Mineral Wells; Bessie Lawrence Hay, Mineral Wells; Beatrice McMinn Daniel, Mineral Wells; Christine Dunn Hickman, Mineral Wells
Charles Flesher, Fort Collins, Colorado; Chuck Bird, Fort Worth; Shirley Johnson, Mineral Wells; Jack Smith, Mineral Wells; Boggie Thomas Trevathan, Mineral Wells; Bob Scanlan, Mineral Wells; J.H. (Pig) Thomas, Mineral Wells
Maroba Hickmon McEachern, Lipan; Orval Meeks, Dallas; Robert Herrin, Lipan; Orph Osborn, Stephenville; Joseph Jacques, Weatherford; Juanita Johns Wester, Austin; June Lawrence Eubanks, Grapevine; Velvae Sanders White, Mineral Wells; Viola Holland Johnson, Mineral Wells; Ellis White, Mineral Wells
Laura Fay Bartlett Bradford, Breckenridge; Katherine Yarbo McFarland, Houston; Skeet Huddleston, Mineral Wells; Florence Harvey Grimes, Mineral Wells; Eva Grace Watson Ledbetter, Mineral Wells; Rev. Philip Riley, Georgetown
John A. Harrington, Arlington; Robert Peterson, Jacksboro; Mildred Bradley Wren, Delhi, Louisiana; Martha June Baker King, Weatherford; J.R. Cox, Luflin; Chester A. Thomas, Fort Worth; Henri Mae Meeks Squyres, Fort Worth; Millie Carson Senter,Fort Worth; Neva Belle Parsons Cash, Weatherford; Lois Moran Herrin, Lipan; Amile V. Selby, Midland; Annie Mae Whiting Ferguson, Arlington; Layne McLeod Shafer, Tormillo; Jewertine Ware Watson, Palo Pinto; Everyn Walker, Exerter, California; Eleanor Holt Kimberlin, Midland; W. Ben Wilson, Breckenridge; Dorothy Belle Brewster Bateman, Mineral Wells; Frances Logsdon Smith, Mineral Wells; Evelyn Thompkins Kelley, Mineral Wells; Eddie Cantrell Walton, Mineral Wells; Mary Jane Brewer Watkins, Mineral Wells; Dorothy Thomas Kite, Mineral Wells; Elaine Wilder Burns, Mineral Wells; Mabel Evans Grantham, Mineral Wells; Sybil Boatright, Mineral Wells; Vera Walker, Mineral Wells; Frona Bateman Lehman, Mineral Wells
F. Jean Meeks Lee, Tampa, Florida; Margaret Nichols McQueary, Mineral Wells; Elizabeth Hale Valentine, Mineral Wells; Nealla Dillard Westermoreland, Mineral Wells
Dorothy Bradley Smith, Fort Worth, Joanie Louise Johns Gray, Weatherford; Janie Fitts White, Mineral Wells
Tommy Bunch, San Antonio
Jim Medlin, Mineral Wells
J. D. Stovall, Waco – Teacher 1930 – 1939
Mrs. J. W. Crutcher, San Antonio, mother of Johnowene Crutcher Menger.

Registering by classes were:
1916 ~ Fleida Brewer Hale, Mineral Wells
1920 ~ Floe Howard Lydey, Mineral Wells
1923 ~ Joe Harrington, Fort Worth; Ben Singleton, Haslet
1924 ~ Christine Barker Donald, Denton
1925 ~ Mary C. Adams, Fort Worth; Nell Brewer Goff, Albany
1926 ~ Ruth Grimes Wade, Lamesa; Opal Johnson Brown, Fort Worth; Audean Ponds Dassley, Grand Prairie; Lewis A. Moore, Mineral Wells; Thelma Smith Thigpen, Mineral Wells; Gwen Stoker, Mineral Wells; Marie Daniel Palms, Mineral Wells; Novella Chandler, Mineral Wells

Coach J. D. Stovall, the only former teacher present was greeted by former football players who were coached by him and a news story that was published in the MWHS Tattler April 23, 1931, about the election of Stovall as head coach for 1931-32 was read by Thelma Doss. Bob Herrin, Lipan, brought along two Tattlers for display, one the Freshman Edition published February 4, 1927, the year he entered high school and the other in 1931, the year he graduated. These were on display as well as many pictures of high school days and previous 50 Year Club meetings, football players, etc.

Mayor Ellis “Feet” White, class of 33, welcomed the ex-students and guests at the luncheon and Rev. Phillip Riley gave the invocation. In charge of the extemporaneous program were John A. Harrington and Mable Evans Grantham, class of 33. Rev. Riley also presented the memorial.

John Vaughan catered the barbeque lunch and classes set in groups by class years. One out of town guest was Mrs. J. W. Crutcher of San Antonio who came with her daughter, Johnowene.

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Mineral Wells Index, news-clipping in memorabilia collection of 50 Year Club, digital format by Robert Allen Shubert.

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