Monday, May 6, 2013

Can You Identify These Guys? Possible Mineral Wells American Legion Team

I need help in identifying some of the players and coaches in this great picture of Mineral Wells baseball players taken sometime around 1959 or 1960. The patches on their sleeves identifies the team as being sponsored by TX-VIT (now known as Cantex) of Mineral Wells.

Standing Left to Right:: ?, ?, Bob Watson, David Visentine, Ed Evans, Clyde Copeland, ?, Bill Watson, Tommy Key, ?
Kneeling Left to Right: ?, Marion Zinn, ?, Jerry Key, Jackie Ingle, Bobby Shewmake, Stanley Zinn, Tommy Smith, Ronald Martin
Kneeling in Front Left to Right: ?, ?

We have had a lot of comments on Facebook about the identity of the players and coaches in this picture. Lottie Eubanks, wife of Bill Eubanks, Class of 1960, said she and Bill think the team was a Mineral Wells American Legion team instead of a Mineral Wells High School team. Those who have posited a suggestion as to the identify of those in the picture are Nancy Martin Buzbee, Lottie Jordan Eubanks, Sammye Smith, Bonnie Burklow Bell, Melody Tuggle Carrol, Skip Cox, Kay Stone Cox, Charlsie Sparks Blocker, Sue Hill Moore, Linda Walker, Jo McCloud Murphy, Barbara Ward McQueary, Suzanne Cliett Marsden, Charles Talley, and Linda Talley.
If you have any corrections or additions, please put them in a comment under this post, or in a comment on Facebook. Also, if you have any information on this team, such as when they played and who, let us know. All of the caps have the number 75 on them!

Original photo in memorabilia collection of MWHS 50 Year Club. Digital format by Judith Richards Shubert.

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