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Class of '38 Celebrates '88

Class of 1938 Inducted on June 11, 1988

Sunday, July 3, 1988
Mineral Wells Index

Class of ’38 Celebrates ’88  

An invitation on gold paper with the theme “Graduate ’38 – Celebrate ’88 – Make a Date” went out to 70 of the original 109 members of the MWHS graduating class of 1938 (24 are deceased and the others could not be located). They responded in numbers – more than 100 classmates and guests attended the celebration Friday, June 10, at the American Legion Hall. Those attending from out of state were: Evelyn Easey Baker from ChehalisWashington; Margaret Holmes Berngardtt from Hilton Head, South Carolina; Clara Jane Peters Paschall from IndialanticFlorida; C. H. (Chuck) Wortham, Hobbs, New Mexico; Rector Cunningham, Woffard Heights, California; Bill Borham from Florida; and Harry Parker, Arlington, Virginia.

The group was honored that J. Merrell (Mule) Kayser and his wife, Dorothy, attended from Snyder; Anna Grace Mathis Roberts and her husband had planned to come from Midland for the occasion, but she underwent unexpected surgery a few days before and had to cancel; and H. A. (Hap) Perryman was invited, but passed away in April at age 92. The book of “Profiles” up-dating the lives of ex-students was dedicated to his memory.

The concensus feeling of the group that evening was to begin immediate planning for another get-together in five years, with the theme “55 Alive!”

On Saturday, June 11, the Class of ’38 was honored at the annual luncheon of the 50 Year Club, held at the high school.

The ’38-’88 Committee members are Nettie Miles Gilbert, Johna Burris Teichman, Doris Evans James, Marie Pilgrim Phillips, Patsy Williams Schneider, Bill McLaughlin, J. O. Martin, Gene Barber, Bob Russell, Charles Daniel and Bill Ray Abernathy.

Huge Success
Sunday, July 3, 1988
Mineral Wells Index

They came from Ohio, New Mexico, Virginia, Colorado, Oregon, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Florida, California, Washington, South Carolina, Arizona, Indiana, and from all over Texas when members of the 50 Year Club, their spouses and guests came to the reunion honoring the class of ’38 on June 11.

Among the special get-togethers scheduled on June 10 were the Calvary Baptist Church members’ luncheon at K-Bob’s on Friday and another group’s dinner that evening at the Lewis Moore home. The Class of ’38 held a dinner and party at the American Legion Building and all other 50 Year Club members attended a party on the roof garden of the Crazy Water Hotel. Margaret Stoker served as chairman of this party and her committee included members of the various classes of the 50 Year Club.

The head count at the noon luncheon held Saturday, June 11, numbered 197. 50 Year Club members, their spouses and guests were served a barbeque luncheon in the MWHS Cafeteria catered by Shotgun Vaughn.

Ed Luckett, 50 Year Club chairman, presided during the luncheon program. John A. Harrington, class of ’33, led Pledge of Allegiance and Rev. Harold White, class of ’32, gave the invocation. Luckett welcomed the assemblage and introduced Eva Grace Ledbetter, class of ’32, co-chairman and secretary; Dorval Burger, class of ’27, treasurer; and Thelma Doss, class of ’28, reporter and public relations. Those of the class of ’38 who will serve on the board and others from classes beginning from 1926 were recognized in a group.

Ellis White, a former mayor of Mineral Wells, welcomed guests.

A bit of frivolity of early school days followed the luncheon when Thelma Doss sang “Freckles”, one of the songs featured on a 1917 program at MWHS presented by the Junior Class and called the Faculty Burlesque. Marvin West sang “Freckles” that year and for this performance George Noll was the harmonica accompanist. She also sang a capella, “The Schoolhouse Blues” which she presented at the Commencement exercises of 1928 at the Convention Hall when she graduated from MWHS. She said Dr. D. M. Ham was the commencement speaker and 5,500 people packed the Convention Hall that evening to hear him. Every seat in the building was filled.

She introduced Jerry Snyder, director and producer of KJSA Follies, a benefit show and dinner to be held in the amphitheater on the old MWHS campus. Snyder told the assembly about the show and that the barbeque dinner to be served that evening would be catered by Shotgun Vaughn and invited the grads to see the performance that evening. Proceeds go for restoration of the old MWHS.

Special recognition was given to the class alumni ’55, ’60, ’65 year class alumni and the earliest graduates in attendance. Classes were presented in roll call by year.

Charles Flesher inducted the class of 1938 into the 50 Year Club and Bill McLaughlin gave the response for the class of ‘38.

A memorial service was conducted by Bill McLaughlin for the class of ’38 and Bill Luckett for members deceased during the past year.

Ellis White gave an overall update of the status of the old MWHS where all these graduates attended school.

Following the reports of the special Friday night activities and special recognition and thanks to Shotgun Vaughn, MW Chamber of Commerce for literature and name tags, an announcement was made that tours of the Little Rock School would begin at 4 p.m.

Robert Dennis led in the singing of the Alma Mater and Rev. Harold White gave the benediction.

Members of the 50 Year Club, by class, are as follows:

Class of 1925 and prior: Christine Barker Donald, Mackey Abernathy McMillen,  Mary C. Adams, Clyde Garrett, and Ruth Yeager Stoker.
Class of 1926: Marie Daniel Faires, Opal Johnson Brown, Maureen Kuykendall Ingerson, Lewis A. Moore, Audine Ponds Dunsby, Zelma Smith Thigpen, Helen Sullinger Humphries, Maurine Craig and Travis Swanson.
Class of 1927: Edith Caveness, Babe Cheek, Dorval Dunn Burger, Levita Hinson Hull, Lois Jacques Willard, Cecil Jerden, Bessie Lou Lawrence Hay, Jennie Metcalfe Ewton, Lois Woodward Roberts, Faydeen Yarbro Krejci, T. J. Davis (Barney), and Ruth Yeager.
Class of 1928: Ruby Mae Bumgarner Sullivan, Shirley Lodsdon Ball, Thelma McBrayer Doss, and Kern Sullivan.
Class of 1929: Beeler Abernathy, Robert Alexander, Dolores Carriker Lee, Jenny Lee Craven Malagio, Carrie Joe Fleming Kelley, Kathryn Haley Lucas, Christine Dunn Hickman, Oliver D. Hines, Ruth Lake Erskine, Elizabeth Morris Selvidge, J. D. Moore, Tommy O. Murphy, Loran Rodgers, Sam Smith, Ross Watson, Dorothy Yarbrogh, Luke and Harry Yeager.
Class of 1930: Rex H. Brewer, Jo Fred Billy Brooks, Jimmie S. Brown, Louise Estes Brooks, Charles Flesher and Zona Belle Hinson Pritchard.
Class of 1931: Raymond Alexander, Robert Herrin, Maroba Hickman McEachern, Joseph Jacques, Juanita Johns Noll, June Lawrence Eubanks, Mary E. McBrayer Kirk, Orval Meeks, Tim Moore, Orph Osborne, Gwendolyn Rankin Fyke, Valvae Sanders White, Ellis H. White, and Marth Alma Morris.
Class of 1932: Laura Fay Bartlett Bradford, Geneva Elders Young, Florence Harvey Grimes, Marie Mathis Long, Philip M. Riley, Eva Grace Watson Ledbetter, and Harold White.
Class of 1933: Martha Jane Baker King, Fronia A. Bateman Lehman, Dorothy Belle Brewster Bateman, J. R. Cox, Jr., John A. Harrington, Eleanor Rachel Holt Kimberlin, Nadene Johns Stockard, Frances Logsdon Smith, Henry Mae Meeks Squyres, Lois E. Moran Herrin, Neva Belle Parsons Cash, Robert L. Peterson, Amel V. Selby, Jereline Ware Watson, and Floyd Carriker.
Class of 1934: Elaine Caveness Hendon, Nelia A. Dillard Westmoreland, Verna M. Estes Lipscomb, Herman Fitts, Florence J. Meeks Lee, Margaret Nichols McQueary, Bartow O’Neal, and Dr. Ruth Riley Swords.
Class of 1935: Ivan C. Baucom, Jr., Marjorie Beetham Yeager, Leroy A. Bradford, Dorothy Bradley Smith, Jack Butler, Robert E. Dennis, Jomi Evans Adelizzi, Janie Fitts White, Dot Fryer Wine, Jere Y. Hart, Mamie Holland McMinn, Christine Holt Lockhart, Jonnie Louise Johns Gray, Byron Edward Luckett, Ruby Doris McGaha Zumwalt, Marian Mays Johnson, Jimmie Miller Ranspot, Hazel Murray Lauterbahn, Mildred Preissinger Alford, Fred L. Presnall and Kathleen Thedford Atwell.
Class of 1936: O. B. Abbott, Thomas H. (Tommy) Bunch, Vernon Daniel, Nadine Fleming Wagley, Madelyn Granberry Lawrence, Ivan Jacques, Ira F. (R. C.) Lewis, Margaret Miller Stoker, Lloyd Alton Murphy, Don Osborne, J. D. Pope, Katie Lee Thedford Krogh, Russell K. Vance, Florine Walker Ladd, Barbara Weaver Dennis, and Jewel Wilson Brown.
Class of 1937: Bill Brassell, James Lloyd Byron, Charles Childs, Mary Elizabeth Clapp Rippetoe, Lois Cooper Miller, William C. Dennis, Virginia Divers Kimberl, Donalita Grantham Adkins, Oneta Grimes Clark, Velmatine Hicks Cockburn, Howard Jones, Lloyd A. (Bob) Ladd, Gwen Lawrence Francis, Margaret McMillan Adams, Edwin Mays, Madge Miller Jones, Imodene Reedy Fuller, Rosemary Robertson Johnson, Ervin St. Clair, Dorothy Jean Stevenson Boone, Wilson W. Vaughn, Gus Wade, Hortense Walker Miller, Lafayette Walker, Jenny Faye Ware Hughey, Graves Bascom Wester and Charles White.
Class of 1938: Bill Ray Abernathy, Eugene Barber, Johnna Burris Teichmann, Dorothy Edmundson Turner, Bobbye Byrns Granberry, Basil Brewton, Mary Lola Bostick Stephens, Rex Cunningham, Arthurline Davidson Walker, Charles Daniel, Forrest Mae Dennis McLaughlin, Marshall Kestler, Doris Evans James, Elizabeth Huddleston McMinn, Elayne McConnell Tatsch, Bill McLaughlin, Joe Oscar Martin, Harry Parker, Elaine Peveto Sammons, Bob Russell, Mary Sue Tibbs Winton, Ellen Walker Harris, Patsy Williams Schneider, Charles Welch, Jearl Walker, Nona Zinn Gordon, John R. Creighton, Raymond Bristow, Sr., Evelyn Ensey Baker, Neil Hayes, Nettie Miles Gilbert, Clara Jane Peters Nevils, Marie Pilgrim Phillips, Johnnie Rena Gray, Bill Boarman, Harrell Jones, Margaret Holmes Berngartt and Teacher – J. Merrell Kyser.
Class of 1939: Earl and Ouida Wickes Maxwell, Lemore Wilder Hughes and Tom Hagan.

Thelma Doss, a member of the 50 Year Club, and Index columnist, contributed this report of the annual reunion to Lifestyles.

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Mineral Wells Index, Sunday, July 3, 1988, newsclippings in memorabilia collection of 50 Year Club, digital format by Robert Allen Shubert. 

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