Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank You to All of Our Vietnam Veterans

John and Jo Murphy
Nixon Library
May 28, 2013

Picture was taken at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, California in May of this year at the dinner replicating the one held 40 years ago on The White House lawn, welcoming home former POWs. It was a great event and a wonderful reunion with many friends from way back when. And thank you very much for all the kind comments from all you good friends! John and Jo

John Murphy
Nixon Library
Standing in Front of Clothes worn by 
Captain Bob Peet
while at Hanoi Hilton. John and other
POWs also wore the same type of clothing
while imprisoned there.

Official 40th Anniversary POW Homecoming Ceremony


Go to the Richard Nixon Foundation website to view the beautiful Photo Gallery of the entire week, and read about the different activities planned in honor of the distinguished guests and their families. You can also find other videos relating to the experiences of our Veterans on the sidebar of YouTube where you watched the video above. See the source links below.




John and Jo Murphy; digntal format used; original belonging to John and Jo Murphy; permission to use given to Judith Richards Shubert by Jo Murphy; accessed May 30, 2013

John Murphy, Nixon Library; original belonging to John and Jo Murphy and taken by nephew Jim Shirley; permission to use given to Judith Richards Shubert by Jo Murphy; accessed May 30, 2013


  1. Thank you all for your service to keep Americans free from harm.

  2. Thank you to all of our Vietnam Veterans would be a much more appropriate theme!

  3. James, I didn't intend to leave out all of the rest of our Vietnam Veterans. I did add a Thank You to all Veterans at the end of this short article about John and the POWs however, it may not be seen if the post was not read at the blog. I started my plan for the post too late to gather more info, and I know we have many Veterans in the club. Forgive me for my shortsightedness. I am changing the heading to be more inclusive. Thank you for reminding me. Judy

  4. I just wanted to make sure that all our Vietnam Veterans got the clear message and I apologize for being so detail oriented, but you must know that I am a retired programmer/analyst. lol

  5. No problem, James. I understand your concern, and believe me, I would not want anyone to feel I had slighted them. John would be the first one to not want to be at the center of any confusion. My son is a programmer, too. lol


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