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Minutes of November 13, 2013 Meeting ~ Next Meeting January 15, 2014



NOVEMBER 13, 2013
The meeting was called to order by President Hank Gayler. The following officers were present:  First Vice President Terry Brock, Second Vice President Jo Murphy, Secretary Marguriete Crum and representatives of Classes 1942 thru 1965. Bobby Blackwell made the motion to accept the minutes of June 14, 2013. The motion was seconded by Jo Murphy and the motion carried. Marguriete Crum gave the following financial report.
Membership            $    2,304.50
Restoration                    8,717.41
Scholarship                    2,879.33
     Total                  $   13,901.24                  
Financial report was filed.

Old Business:  R. E. Mason explained that Jim Ashby, Lawyer, won’t have the paper work ready to present to the Mineral Wells Independent School District School Board meeting on November 15, 2013. This is to relinquish the Old Band Hall and Senior Center back to the MWISD. This request will include a request for the MWISD to also deed the property located at 215 N.W. 5th Avenue, Mineral Wells, Texas. The Old High School would have to be vacated fast. Mr. Mason said the 50 Year Club would need help in moving and asked for volunteers that would help to please contact him.

New Business:  Marguriete Crum gave a report on letters sent to classmates. R. E. Mason, Neta Mason and Marguriete Crum have mailed letters, at their own expense, to all their classmates requesting dues and donations. The letters have proven productive as each of these classes that were sent the letters have received dues and donations.

Raymond Brewton reported that Jim Ford, Class of 1968 was interested in giving a scholarship from their class. When Mr. Ford contacted Mineral Wells High School he was told the 50 Year Club gives scholarships each year. Mr. Ford was going to contact the Class of 1968 and see if the class wanted to raise the money and donate it to the 50 Year Club for distribution.

Marguriete Crum made the motion to adjourn; it was seconded by Bobby Blackwell. The motion carried and meeting was adjourned.

  Hank Gayler, President           Marguriete Crum, Secretary

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