Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Curtis Scharnberg~2014 Teacher Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Inductee

Curtis Scharnberg
B.S., Texas Tech University
M.S., Texas A and M
General Science

This year's inductee into the Mineral Wells High School Teachers' Hall of Fame was the very popular Mr. Curtis Scharnberg. The late Mr. Scharnberg was honored at the annual Mineral Wells High School 50 Year Club Reunion on Saturday morning, June 14, 2014 in a crowded auditorium of Mineral Wells High School alumni, many of whom were his students in past years. Also in the audience was his son, Jody, Class of 1960. 
Marguriete Crum, Secretary of the 50 Year Club, informed the audience of the winner of this year's Teacher of the Year award at the Induction Ceremony of the Class of 1964. Mr. Scharnberg, having received his B. S. at Texas Tech and his M. S. at Texas A and M, was hired to teach science at Mineral Wells High School in 1956. He taught all of the science subjects, but Chemistry was the subject he taught most of the time.
He loved kids and was very involved in all school activities: driving a bus, selling tickets to all sporting events, and driving athletic buses on out-of-town trips. He even coached the high school golf team.
He retired in 1976.
One of his former students had this to say about him, "Mr. Scharnberg was a great teacher. He would help students with problems relating to chemistry so they could understand. I made an 'A' at Texas A and M my freshman year because of Mr. Scharnberg. It was the only A I received that year."
Even though Mr. Curtis Scharnberg passed away in 1977, his legacy lives on as is evident by all of the votes he received for Teacher of the Year, Marguriete Crum stated. She asked his son, Jody Scharnberg, to stand in the audience as she told him that a plaque would be made in honor of his father.
Each year a Teacher's Hall of Fame plaque is made to honor the teacher chosen. They have previously been displayed in the meeting room of the Mineral Wells High School 50 Year Club. A place is now being prepared for them in the club's offices in the restored Home Economics Cottage.
Curtis Scharnberg will join Mrs. June Roden, Mrs. Winnie Fiedler, Coach Pat Simmons, and Miss Laura Wallace in this honored position.
Scharnberg, Curtis, The 1958 Burro, Mineral Wells High School yearbook, yearbook property MWHS 50 Year Club, digital format used.
Copyright 2014: Judith Richards Shubert

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