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Upcoming Annual Reunion of the
MWHS 50 Year Club June 12-13, 2015

Of course, the class of '65 will be inducted this year; however, plans are being made to have a fun reunion for everyone. There will be the 2nd Annual Mountaineer Golf Classic benefitting the Lillian Peek Home Economics Cottage, and plans are underway for a Hand and Foot Card Tournament which will also benefit the Lillian Peek Home Economics Cottage. Both of these events will be held on Friday, June 12, beginning at 9:00 A.M. at the Holiday Hills Country Club. 

For those of you wanting to play golf, the entry fee is $100.00 per person. You might want to get your group of 4 together, or you can just play and be partnered with others. For those of you opting to play Hand and Foot, the fee is $35.00 per person. This is a "split pot" tournament and will include a luncheon at the country club. After the luncheon is paid for, the remainder of the funds will be split between the two winning partners and the 50 Year Club (approximately $20.00.) The more people we have participating, the higher the pot. Somebody is going to go home with more money than they had when they came to the party!

We encourage each of you to participate in one of these events, not only for the fun and fellowship of old classmates, but to benefit a great cause. The goal of the 50 Year Club is to refurbish the old Home Economics Cottage to its former glory. It was built in 1934 on the campus of MWHS, and was the first ever free-standing home economics building to be built in Texas. The project is progressing. One bathroom has been completely  redone, and the room that served as a bedroom has been refurbished and is now being used as an office for the 50 Year Club. Both rooms are beautiful. Remodeling of the foyer is now underway under the direction of John Murphy (a member of the 50 Year Club) who is married to the former Jo Ellen McCloud who is also a very active member of the 50 Year Club. The funds for refurbishing the foyer have been made available by the Class of 1960, donating more than $11,000.00 for the foyer project.

This will be a beautiful, preserved reminder of the history of MWHS and the city of Mineral Wells. The golf tournament and the card tournament are simply two small ways that we can make a difference in this preservation.

Even though the card tournament is sponsored by the 50 Year Club, members of our class of '62 are the ones responsible for getting this tournament up and running. So, it seems to me that we should get behind it and make it a popular and productive enterprise for our class.

Members currently working on this project are:
Kay Stone Cox
Nancy Martin Buzbee
Linda Carol White Moore
Lynn Tompkins Waddy
Sue Hill Moore
Anyone who would like to help should contact Kay Stone Cox at or 940-521-0433. All help would be appreciated.

NOTE:  Anyone can play ~ guys, gals, friends, spouses ~ anyone at all. Just let us know who will be participating. We understand that it is a bit early for some of you to have your plans together, but the sooner you can let us know you would like to participate, the easier it will be to follow through on the planning of the event. And, by the way, this is an easy game to learn and we will have people to teach you how to play before the tourney gets underway. So, don't let the fact that you don't know how to play keep you from coming and enjoying the day. You will find it entertaining.

If you would like to participate, contact the following:
Kay Stone Cox at  or 940-521-043
Nancy Martin Buzbee at  or 940 325 3635
Checks should be made out to the 50 Year Club with a notation on the check that it is for the Card Tournament.
Send check to:
MWHS 50 Year Club, 215 NW 5th Ave., Mineral Wells, TX 76067

 If you wish, you may pay June 12 when you come to play.

Kay Stone Cox
MWHS 50 Year Club Historian
Class of 1962

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