Friday, June 19, 2015

Hand and Foot Card Tournament Played at this Year's 39th MWHS 50 Year Club Reunion


Linda Kay Stone Cox
Class of 1962
Giving Results of the Hand and Foot Card Tournament
Held Friday, June 12, 2015
Benefitting the Restoration of the
Lillian Peek Home Economics Cottage

The first-ever Hand and Foot Card Tournament was a huge success. Everyone who participated enjoyed the day, the game, getting together with friends and walking away with prizes and money! As one of the ladies said, I feel like I was paid to play!
Local city and county businesses donated items for Door Prizes and Local Artists to the Silent Auction. There was a beautiful, varied array of items sold, increasing the monies given to the Restoration of the Peek Cottage.
The 1st Place winners got $100.00 each which they graciously donated to the Lillian Peek Cottage Restoration Fund. The 2nd Place winners each were awarded with a nice Wine and Cheese Basket with a Gift Card. All players got a door prize.
The Hand and Foot Card Tournament was hosted by the Class of 1962. Their committee did a superb job. They were: Kay Stone Cox, Nancy Martin Buzbee, Linda Carol White Moore, Sue Hill Moore and Lynn Tompkins Waddy.
The tournament gave proceeds of $794.00 to the Restoration Fund for the Lillian Peek Home Economics Cottage. Thank you to all who made this a great success! The Class of 1962 has a dedicated group of representatives. THANK YOU!!

Nancy Martin Buzbee, and Kay Stone Cox 
Class of 1962
and Marilyn Shafer
Linda Carol White Moore
Class of 1962
Margaret Martin Renfro, Carolyn Pratt Hickey, and Betty Snow Ward
Class of 1960
Anita Beck, Carolyn Pratt Hickey, and Betty Snow Ward
Class of 1960
Linda McDonell, Carolyn Hickey, Linda Butler, Melody Carroll and Kay Cox
Judith Gayler and Linda McDonell

Mildred Hestand, Lela Abernathy, and Linda McDonell
Lela Abernathy, Mildred Hestand, Melody Joy Tuggle Carroll
Martin Girls
Margarett and Nancy
Classes 1960 and 1962

Ann Anderson, Lela Abernathy, Marilyn Shafer

ANN and MARILYN ~ Winners of the Card Tournament 
Graciously donated their winnings to the 
Lillian Peek Cottage restoration of the MWHS 50 Year Club

2015 MWHS Reunion: Induction Ceremony and Hand and Foot Card Tournament; Digital Format used; originals owned and released for use by Buzbee, Nancy Martin and Renfro, Margarett Martin; accessed Judith Richards Shubert 2015.
Copyright 2015, Judith Richards Shubert

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