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Ken R. Kessler Gives Response on Behalf of MWHS Class of 1965 for Induction into 50 Year Club

Class of 1965
Response to Induction
into the
MWHS 50 Year Club

by Ken R. Kessler
June 13, 2015

We would like to welcome alumni and classmates, and say congratulations to the Mineral Wells High School Class of 1965 as we finally have the honor to join the 50 Year Club! We would like to thank the Class of 1966 for acting as our official special greeters and our class wanted me to ask them to forgive us for any past hazing - but I'm not doing it!

It has been said that the greatest gain is to give to others, and the greatest loss is to receive without gratitude.

In that spirit I would like to continue by offering the following sincere thanks on behalf of our entire class:
  • We're thankful to have been raised in a beautiful small town located in the greatest state in the union.
  • We're thankful for Clint Murchison, Tex Schramm, Tom Landry, Dandy Don, Bob Lily, and the Dallas Cowboys.
  • We're thankful for bicycles, Chevys, Fords and Chryslers.
  • We're thankful that we never had to look for our car keys, because they were always in the ignition.
  • We're thankful that we got our "coke" at Jimmie's and the Dairy Queen.
  • We're thankful for Elvis, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Ray Charles, the Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison, the Rolling Stones, and the Beatles.
  • We're thankful for John Wayne, Lee Marvin, Dean Martin, and Johnny Carson.
  • We're thankful for school athletics, cheerleaders, pep rallies, and the school band.
  • We're thankful for the Grand Theater, first loves and first kisses.
  • We're thankful for the alumni and upperclassmen who furnished our heros, showed us the way and offered us friendship and counsel.
  • We're thankful that in our schools we were always and truly educated, not indoctrinated, by caring and dedicated teachers.
  • We're thankful for the patience and discipline of our teachers and coaches who gave us so much more than they were ever paid.
  • We're thankful that everyone did not get a trophy and that we got our grades for achievement and for trying.
  • We're so thankful that this was "One nation under God."
  • We're thankful that we were allowed to open most school days and events with a prayer.
  • We're thankful for our churches and ministers who welcomed us and helped furnish a blueprint for our lives.
  • We're thankful for classmates, teammates, and old friends who still touch our lives.
  • We're especially thankful for our parents and relatives who invested so much in us, helped guide us, and welcomed us, and welcomed us into their homes. They provided us the shoulders on which we now stand and left us with a debt beyond our capacity to repay.
  • We're thankful for all of the people in Mineral Wells who touched our lives and those who defended our country and our lives when we could not.
  • We're thankful for all the contributions our class has been able to make to our society.
  • We're thankful that most of us were allowed to grow older and finally realize a past, a privilege which unfortunately was not granted to everyone.
  • We're thankful for those people in our lives who were taken from us much too soon. We wish them Godspeed and ask only that they save us a place.
  • None of us knows how many more reunions they will be allowed to have, so we're especially thankful for the ones we've been allowed to have.

At this time I would like to say a very special thanks to Patsy Wright Stafford, who graduated with our class, but thank goodness, refused to ever leave, and Bonnie Burkow Bell, who provided the major part of the glue that has helped hold our class together for five decades. At this time, I would like them to please come forward and be recognized.

And in closing, though our class, like most others, has scattered to the four winds, I think most of us will always and forever consider Mineral Wells to be our home.

God bless and keep you all.

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Copyright 2015, Judith Richards Shubert

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