50 Year Club History

Historical Renovations
and Education Partnership  (HREP)

The 50 Year Club is a membership club for all students from Mineral Wells whose graduation year would have been at least 50 years ago or more.
The Historical Renovations and Education Partnership was established by the 50 Year Club to better serve the community. It is our belief that citizens of Mineral Wells deserve a centralized location for events and tourists' attractions.
In 1984, the old High School was threatened with demolition. Originally known as the Fannin School, this wonderful structure that was part of so many of our lives for decades was saved due to the tremendous efforts of a group of concerned citizens and former Mineral Wells High School students.
In 2009, the Executive Board of the 50 Year Club voted to return the old High School and the Little Rock Schoolhouse to the MWISD and to focus the organization’s attention on the renovation of the Lillian Peek Home Economics Cottage, built in 1933-34 – the first stand-alone home economics building in Texas – and the adjacent Amphitheater.
Today the 50 Year Club’s goals are to complete the restorations and to continue to promote our annual high school reunions.