Beth Ramsey Visentine
Class of 1960


The new chandeliers and wall sconces in the Lillian Peek Cottage were beautifully accessorized with drapes just before the 2015 Reunion. Just in time for visitors to admire the room and visualize the plans for the Parlor.

Beth Ramsey Visentine created the window treatment. The drapery fabric, shown in the third picture, and fabric for the sheers was provided by John and Jo Murphy. John Murphy and David Visentine installed the rod and draperies.

There is still about $17,000.00 needed to complete the Parlor. If you can help:
Restoration donations for Lillian Peek Cottage Home Economics Building Benefit by the MWHS 50 Year Club can be sent to:
MWHS 50 Year Club
215 NW 5th Ave
Mineral WellsTexas 76067


Lillian Peek Home Economics Cottage Renovation; Digital Format used; originals owned and released for use by Murphy, John and Jo; accessed Judith Richards Shubert 2015.
Copyright 2015, Judith Richards Shubert


The goal of the 50 Year Club is to refurbish the old Home Economics Cottage to its former glory. It was built in 1934 on the campus of MWHS, and was the first ever free standing home economics building to be built in Texas. The project is progressing. One bathroom has been completely redone, and the room that served as a bedroom has been refurbished and is now being used as an office for the 50 Year Club. Both rooms are beautiful. Remodeling of the foyer is now underway under the direction of John Murphy, member of the 50 Year Club. The funds to begin the refurbishing of the foyer have been made available by the Class of 1960 alumni.

The Class of 1961 has provided the beautiful chandelier and fireplace sconces in the parlor you see in the “Renovation News” photographs. That class (1961) chose to provide them ahead of having funds to work on the Parlor, so we could be sure to have fixtures that are from the same design suite of fixtures to provide a complimentary picture from the front (Foyer) to the back (Parlor) of the building.

When finished the Lillian Peek Home Economics Cottage will be a beautiful preserved reminder of the history of Mineral Wells High School and the city of Mineral Wells.

A note from Board Member Jo Ellen McCloud Murphy, Class of 1959:
The good folks from the Class of 1960 have always claimed title to the "best Class ever" award. It would be hard to argue with them when you see what they've accomplished at the Home Economics building! They set a goal, raised the money, and got the job done. Outstanding!! The building is usually open every Tuesday morning. Go by and check out the foyer, brought back to life by the Class of 1960. You will be pleased and amazed. Without a doubt, the gorgeous chandelier is the highlight. Check it out!

I must add that the Class of 1961 donated funds to buy matching light fixtures for the parlor, and they are truly marvelous, as well. The sconces on the fireplace look as though they were made just for that spot.

Good work is being accomplished, but there is a long way to go. Perhaps other classes - or individuals - will step up to sponsor a room or fixtures or simply donate funds to be used as needed in the renovation effort. We will gladly accept any and all donations, and you don't even have to be a member of the 50 Year Club or a graduate of MWHS. The Lillian Peek Home Economics Cottage is a little jewel of a building. It still needs some polishing, but it will be stunning when it is complete. Come on by and take a look!

copyright 2015 belonging to Jo Murphy and used here by permission

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